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Eliminate abrupt sock tan lines.

Normal sock material --> fairly dense mesh --> fairly sparse mesh, all within a couple of centimetres (about one inch).
-- Texticle, Jul 17 2008

No Tan Lines
"The fabric is specifically designed to let you tan underneath your bathing suit, resulting in an even suntan with no visible tan lines." [Klaatu, Jul 18 2008]

No Tan Lines
"You'll get a tan about as fast as you would with an SPF#6 sunscreen, and you'll never have to risk unprotected exposure to the sun." [Klaatu, Jul 18 2008]

You might start something in the swimsuit world.
-- normzone, Jul 17 2008

Most useful +
-- xenzag, Jul 17 2008

+ hey, why not. (even though I don't wear socks with my bathing suit!)
-- xandram, Jul 18 2008

I just returned from an image search for the word "tanlines". Nothing I can link to here, but it certainly was fun.

A search for "no tan lines" led to a sideless spring-loaded bikini.
-- normzone, Jul 18 2008

//A search for "no tan lines" led to a sideless spring-loaded bikini.//

I had an idea for just exactly that years and years ago.
-- Noexit, Jul 21 2008

Those of us who golf in shorts greatly appreciate this.
-- shapu, Jul 21 2008

Those of us who lurk in the undergrowth in dirty macs appreciate this, but not quite so much as the golfers do.
-- 8th of 7, Jul 21 2008

I always thought this was how underwear that avoids the VPL worked. Is that wrong too? I dunno, that and JPEGs...
-- nineteenthly, Jul 22 2008

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