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Post stupid things to Halfbakery in an attempt to draw attention to one's self.

Oh wait, somebody appears to already have had this idea.
-- Eeyore, May 10 2000

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Somebody appears to have had this idea before, too. [Lemon, May 10 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Don't you mean "Troll the HalfBakery"?
-- hippo, May 10 2000

From what I've read, the etymology of troll in its' Internet usage can be traced to both trawl and troll.

Troll for the connotation of a mean guy who hides behind something and eats/maims you if you get too close, and Trawl for the connotation of sweeping a net to catch the gullible fishies.

They are homonyms, though.
-- tomierna, May 11 2000

Oh, make no mistake: a lot of the ideas posted here are every bit as stupid as inflatable dartboards. But the interesting stupid ideas have a tantalizing bit of promise at their center that makes us rack our brains for a way to overcome or accomodate their stupidity.
-- baf, May 13 2000

I'd just like to mention that the last comment (baf's) really reminded me of analytic philosophy... there are lots and lots of stupid ideas. The key to having fun with it is trying to figure out why the stupid ideas _are_ stupid...
-- mcfrank, May 18 2000

hippo: consider the possibility that you've been, uh, trawled?
-- rmutt, Jun 05 2000

-- hippo, Jun 06 2000

What's wrong with inflatable dartboards?!!
-- nick_n_uit, Feb 24 2001

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