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Cross a Treadmill with a Segway

After having played with a Segway for a week, my colleagues and I think the Segway personal gyro-stabilized transport is very cool. We all agreed that at 5000 dollars, the Segway comes across as an expensive way to get out of walking. Slowing sales of the device for non-commercial use might be due to its price and the stigma of looking like a person who is willing to pay to avoid exercise.

The Treadway combines a treadmill with a Segway to not only provide some beneficial exercise to the user, but also to impart a sense of accomplishment. Leaning forward and walking on the treadmill platform starts forward motion. One would get the same exhilaration as walking on a moving walkway. Human power is multiplied. Turning is done with handgrips as on Segway. Reverse is achieved by walking backwards. There would also be an idle feature where you continue to walk even though the Treadway is not moving forward.

For the non-commercial user, the Treadway enhances the act of walking rather than replacing it, and provides more sense of motion than a stationary treadmill.
-- wombat, Aug 17 2003

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Same as on a Segway. When headed down a hill, the user tends to straighten up to a vertical position, slowing down the device. The treadmill provides the input to move ahead and control speed. You wouldn't be careening down a hill with your feet a blur.
-- wombat, Aug 17 2003

<perusing yellow pages>If I need new brake soles, do I look under "Footwear" or "Automotive"?</fingers-walking>
-- lurch, Aug 17 2003

Er, what's the point? If I'm going to walk, why not walk?
-- phoenix, Aug 17 2003

Why use the moving walkways at airports? Because they let you walk and cover a lot more distance in a short time. Why walk on a treadmill that goes nowhere?
-- wombat, Aug 17 2003

"Why walk on a treadmill that goes nowhere?"

Because it will fit in my excercise room?
-- bristolz, Aug 17 2003

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