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Be like your ancestors

Just a room, full of poles that have the texture and grip of trees (but no splinters) which you can climb up, and jump off onto the foam below without any concern for your safety, unless you like to jump head-first. Also a part with a load of ropes for tarzan-swinging, and a pole really high to jump off onto the foam. Best for adults and teenagers. [later] Thinking about this idea, and the society some people live in (the people who sued mcdonalds for making them fat comes to mind), I better also add that all adults must sign a form saying that they (and their families) won't sue if injury/death/loss of belongings occurs.
-- froglet, Feb 11 2005

Soft Play systems http://www.softplay.../english/index.html
These guys manufacture the worlds finest climbing rooms. [wagster, Feb 14 2005]

<Olde world> sounds like my old school gym<Olde world>
-- skinflaps, Feb 11 2005

Fun idea but do you mean ancestors? (not descendants)
-- robinism, Feb 11 2005

Reminds me of a large gymnasium owned and operated by my uncle, which was originally aimed mainly at kids, with a few olympic sized swimming pools full of foam cubes. There are ropes and bars overhead, gym mats to get in and out - and, of course, the rest of the gym is filled with great foam blocks formed into various structures on the padded floor.

It was great, although my uncle's approach to making injured kids feel better was:

"Your arm hurts? Here, give me the other one. [twist!] Now which one hurts more?"

Anyway, I digress. Plus from me.
-- Detly, Feb 11 2005

[-] c'mon, you see basically the same thing for kids all over the place. What's new here is to say "let adults & teens play too". Well, OK, I might have fun on it, but it's not exactly a new idea.
-- sophocles, Feb 12 2005

Regarding the ancestors/descendants thread, many of the young children I've seen have fairly monkey-ish mannerisms.
-- nick_n_uit, Feb 13 2005

Is this foam like shaving foam? Also, why best for adults? Dangerous foam? Wouldn't the poles get slick? This whole adult entertainment / fireman's pole / slippery shaving foam thing has got me thinking about some sort of exotic dancing club! But then, everything does.
-- bungston, Feb 13 2005

[bungston] By the word 'foam' I mean like the same stuff those sponges you get out of the bodyshop and tescos/wal-mart/coles. I was thinking this would be a fun idea, because it would allow teenagers and adults to play as, in a very general sense, they are more spacially aware and more co-ordinated.
-- froglet, Feb 14 2005

Hmmm, I do this with my son at Spacezone. The only difference is that Spacezone doesn't have any real branches, the various climby/jumpy/fally sections tend to be made of foam covered steel. I will refrain from an "[m-f-d] - widely known to exist" as I am concerned that I may be evolving into a wizened old [m-f-d] happy halfbaker.
-- wagster, Feb 14 2005

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