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A town built entirely out of treehouses

Build a low-environmental-impact town for about 5000 people in dense woodland (ideally somewhere which the logging company would be felling anyway). All accomodation and any shops in the town are made of high-quality, high-spec treehouses with running water, electricity, gas, etc. Woden staircases lead from the ground up to each treehouse.
Dirt roads would allow access, petrol stations and car-repair places would be in a special zone on the edge of the woods/town.
Probaby baked somewhere in northern California...
-- hippo, May 21 2001

A use for burning tofu http://www.smmirror...1/issue13/quiz.html
See question 2b [angel, May 21 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Baked (in fiction) by Patricia Martin. Cool idea though.
-- angel, May 21 2001

//ideally somewhere which the logging company would be felling anyway//

I'm not convinced that this is the best place in which to house 5000 people in the canopy ...
-- Rodomontade, May 21 2001

Good point [Rodomontade] - I meant *instead* of logging, not *as well as*... :-)
-- hippo, May 21 2001

:) - Actually, I assumed you meant that it would be a good place to build it because the materials for building treehouses would be readily available nearby ...
-- Rodomontade, May 21 2001

a forest fire would kill everyone in Treehouse Town. I suggest tofu.
-- benfrost, May 21 2001

[benfrost]: Whereas a fire in Tofuville would actually be useful (see link)
-- angel, May 21 2001

[PeterSealy]: You're right, of course, but Patricia Martin's children's picture book is actually *called* 'Tree House Town'.
-- angel, May 21 2001

It was bound to happen....humans evolving backwards and returning to the trees...... ;-)
-- Susen, May 21 2001

I love this idea. Imagine if you could locate this in a grove of California redwoods or sequoias or something like that!

Seems the biggest tree-supported treehouse is something like 200 sq. ft., but bigger ones have been made which are supported by multiple trees, supported on stilts, or some combination. One of these is over 6,000 sq. ft. So the houses in the Treehouse Town don't have to be dinky.
-- Xenophile, Jan 26 2010

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