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For the resturanteur.

I find in nearly ALL dining establishments, parties of odd numbers are poorly received. I propose triangle-shaped tables able to be joined. One would suit those dining alone. Two can suit two or four diners. Four would suit three diners.

-- watermelancholy, Jul 29 2002

Triangular Tables Modules http://www.smirthwa...birchtriangular.htm
For the classroom. Just scale them up. (And I note that the seatees in the picture appear to be eating.) [DrCurry, Jul 29 2002]

zip-tie utopia zip-tie_20utopia
[andrew1, May 14 2005]

I'd like to go on a date at that place. So, I'm a turus, what's your sign?
-- polartomato, Jul 29 2002

Wouldn't a hexagon give more elbow room? That is, just for three. And if it's good enough for three, why isn't it good enough for two? And what happens when there's only one in your party?
-- phoenix, Jul 29 2002

Then it's not really a 'party', is it?
-- watermelancholy, Jul 29 2002

I've seen school desks like this.
-- waugsqueke, Jul 29 2002

Q: "And what happens when there's only one in your party?"
A: "One would suit those dining alone."
-- angel, Jul 29 2002

I'm trying to work out how four tables would suit three diners..
-- yamahito, Jul 29 2002

An equilateral triangle with three identical ones positioned around it, making one large equilateral triangle.
-- angel, Jul 29 2002


<hangs head in shame>
-- yamahito, Jul 29 2002

...and one-legged tables could mount to the wall...
-- phoenix, Jul 29 2002

Especially if put in a hexagon formation, there would be room in the center for common items(condiments, salt and pepper, rolls, butter, etc.) Would you like the crossant for here or to go?
-- BinaryCookies, Jul 29 2002

I'd just like to say it violently disturbs me how well-received this has been. Mr. [DeGroof] makes a very good point. Several, in fact. These tables would be spacious for one diner, but if you walk into most resturants, you won't see many tables accomadating single paries anyway. Though I understand concerns about space, a triangle tesselates as does a square. That's the most necessary factor for restaraunts in which space is a concern. Thanks.
-- watermelancholy, Jul 29 2002

I spose another advantage of three-legged tables is that they'll never wobble due to a shorter leg.
-- yamahito, Jul 29 2002

watermelancholy: Many restaurants have tables with fold out flaps that convert the table from a square to a circle, thus accommodating more diners at a moment's notice. Perhaps you should add this feature to your tables. But if you are unhappy about being well-received, we can fix that...
-- DrCurry, Jul 29 2002

Yes, but what shape would be good?

And re, DrCurry's link:

Those are clearly low-quality children. They're eating on desks. And they aren't very sizable either.
-- watermelancholy, Jul 29 2002

//low-quality children// (sigh) they just don't make them the way they used to. I favour those banquet tables - like I remember when I was at the court of Henry VIII.
-- po, Jul 29 2002

Also re DrCurry's link: those are isosceles rather than equilateral triangles..
-- yamahito, Jul 29 2002

Ooo. One more thing before I go: Any chance of finding a better category?
-- phoenix, Jul 29 2002

nope. no suitable cat. for this.
-- watermelancholy, Jul 29 2002

Nice idea - but small squares will suffice. I live near a chinese restaurant that has, what seems to be, a dedicated team of racecar pitstop people trained to alter the layout of tables - that even accomodates odd numbers.

The single unit is quite small, about 2.5ft sq. It is laid out as a table for two, with a kind of paper table cloth. As clientele leave, this team rush out and reset the place settings while manoeuvring neighbouring unused tables together so that a new ubertable is created. This is done within a blink of an eye. The paper 'tablecloths' are placed in such a way as to hide any joins.
-- Jinbish, Jul 29 2002

Two legged Segway tables will be next.

I do like the sound of "Knights of the Triangular Table".
-- waugsqueke, Jul 30 2002

depending on how efficient you want to be, triangles are very efficient as are squares, but rhombi that tesselate into a hexagon or various trapezoids could add a touch of the avant-garde, just a though
-- dingbats247, Aug 15 2002

If the tables link together jigsaw fashion the resulting super table would be more stabe and there would be no chance of gaps appearing to swallow your cutlery.
-- Belfry, Dec 07 2004

nonagons shall rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But seriously,your idea is good.How much will it cost?
-- mastero, Jan 03 2005

In the four tables for three people arrangement, won't the legs get in the way?
-- Detly, Jan 03 2005

Penrose Tile-shaped tables, for when you want to join lots of tables together in a non-repeating pattern.
-- hippo, Jan 03 2005

and if you want them to stay there almost perminantly, zip-ties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (see link)
-- andrew1, May 14 2005

To solve the interesting shapes vs. tesselation requirement conundrum, simply take a very large board, and draw squiggles all over it (but not too many). Then cut along the squigles, and voila! You have a lot of interesting shaped tables that still tesselate. (You would need to adapt this to get it to work).
-- dbmag9, Sep 24 2005

or not!
-- po, Sep 24 2005

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