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Like soccer, only less boring

The playing field is 180' x 110', with rounded corners and boards (walls) like a hockey rink (sans glass). The field is divided into three equally proportioned zones, 1 for each team and a neutral zone in the center. At each end is a circular "score zone" 12' in diameter, the rear edge of which is 7' from the boards. Each team fields no more than five players plus a goaltender at one time. There are four referees, 2 on the field, and 2 off in elevated seats.

Standard soccer 'no hands' protocol applies, even to goalies.

There are three (soccer-style) balls in play at all times. If any of the three balls leave the field, play stops. Play is commenced/resumed by three simultaneous face-offs, held at equidistant points on an imaginary line drawn across the field, placed appropriate to conditions of play stoppage.

The following conditions must apply in order for points to be scored:

1. At least two of the balls must touch each other inside the defensive team's score zone.

2. The offensive team must be in control of all three balls inside the opposing team's zone at the time of scoring, although only two balls need be inside the score zone.

3. No players (including the goaltender) may be in contact with the balls when they touch, and no players except the defensive goaltender may be inside the score zone.

If one or more of those criteria are not met, no point is scored and play is not stopped.

If all three criteria is met when two balls make contact in the score zone, 1 point is scored. If all three balls make contact (either sequentially or simultaneously) without leaving the score zone or being touched by any player, 3 points are scored.

Secondary rules such as offsides, out-of-bounds, penalty kicks, etc. require further tinkering. Since this game was designed by [The Alterother], one must practically commit pre-meditated murder to draw a penalty.

The game lasts 60 minutes, divided into three periods, or until all players have left the field via ambulance, whichever comes first.

*I would include a sketch of the playing field, but our sattelite internet is moving like molasses right now. However you picture it in your head is probably pretty close. Also, I am currently accepting suggestions for a better name than "Triple-Ball," which admittedly is pretty bad.
-- Alterother, Jul 31 2011

//I am currently accepting suggestions for a better name than "Triple-Ball"//
From the description, I would suggest "Chaos", or perhaps "Mayhem". (Possibly "My Brain Hurts", as the players would struggle to keep track of three balls...)
-- neutrinos_shadow, Jul 31 2011

//There are three (soccer-style) balls in play at all times. If any of the three balls leave the field, play stops.//

So, play would stop every 30 seconds...
-- RayfordSteele, Aug 01 2011

That's why the field is enclosed. Maybe the boards should be higher, like around 6'...
-- Alterother, Aug 12 2011

Pawn brokers could be potential sponsors. Sounds like a game that Ender Wiggins would be good at.
-- AusCan531, Aug 13 2011

Wierd... Yesterday, I kept thinking it's about time to read that book again.
-- Alterother, Aug 13 2011

Is there any game that Ender Wiggins *wouldn't* be good at?
-- mouseposture, Aug 13 2011

-- Voice, Aug 13 2011

Shirly not. He would recruit tall teammates, or discover some loophole in the rules, or find a way to get the venue changed to a low-gravity planet, or something.

Better hope so, anyway, since we know what he does when he has no other way to win.
-- mouseposture, Aug 13 2011

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