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Public: Architecture: Temporary
Trompe l'oeil Entrance   (+5, -1)  [vote for, against]
Novelty store entrance

A trompe l'oeil means to 'fool the eye' and are usually ultra realistic paintings with true perspective on the walls of small courtyards or gardens that give the impression of the space being much grander.

(USAian 'bakers may care to see an exhibition currently touring - see link)

It would be a pleasant surprise for customers to walk up to a trompe l'oeil entrance painted either beside the real entrance, or on a durable curtain a few meters in front of the entrance. Realisation that the doors and everything else was 'fake' would be quickly followed by sighting the real entrance ....and having some doubt as to whether *that* was real or not.
-- ConsulFlaminicus, Feb 18 2006

trompe l'oeil article http://www.findarti..._3_137/ai_n13659483
Exhibition dates at the bottom [ConsulFlaminicus, Feb 18 2006]

a door or is it? http://www.jc-signs...mpe/antiqueshop.jpg
[po, Feb 18 2006]

this is a nice one.
[po, Feb 18 2006]

this is a nicer one. http://oldnewbrunsw...rstation_piazza.jpg
[dbmag9, Feb 18 2006]

There isn't much of an original idea in this.

Have three or four doors next to each other, only one of which is real. Change it every week or so.
-- dbmag9, Feb 18 2006

I would like to use a projector to run a moving trompe l'oeil - a door which horses or other creatures could occasionally peer out of.
-- wagster, Feb 18 2006

Now that would be clever.
-- wagster, Feb 18 2006

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