Product: Doormat
Trompe l'oeil hole in floor or sidewalk   (+14, -1)  [vote for, against]
Repel visitors with mat depicting dangerous chasm

Yawning, trompe l'oeil bottomless pits aren't just for big-city sidewalks anymore. Now you can have one of your own, useful for keeping pesky humans away from your home, office, UFO, etc. Just roll out a mat showing the chasm of your choice--hole in office floor, bottomless pit, snake pit, and maw of Hell--and watch the gadflies flee.
-- luxlucet, Nov 09 2005

Pits http://www.budget-t...sp?secid=41&uid=195
Watch your step! [luxlucet, Nov 09 2005]

http://bldgblog.blo...t-diamond-mine.html It's just an illusion [phundug, Nov 10 2005]

Julian Beever
mread's awesome street artist. [DrCurry, Nov 12 2005]

Awesome link.
-- moomintroll, Nov 09 2005

Want one.
-- egbert, Nov 09 2005

rense is an awesome street artist. be sure to look at these trompe d'oeil masterpieces at general67/street.htm
-- mread, Nov 12 2005

Wile E Coyote had a portable hole he'd roll out. Seemed desperate and unlikely and sure enough, roadrunner would never go down. When Wile E became exasperated and tried himself.............oh......I wonder...................Also liked where the cliff would break off and he's manage to jump from the peninsula bit to the main mountain at the last minute, but which bit would proceed to plummet.........?
-- abbyfoggin, Nov 13 2005

DrCurry: thanks for pointing that out, and for correcting linkage. how about trompe d'oeil on hats, clothing to provide your personal insights to the anonymous crowd. Or for a reallly outre insight, tattoo trompe d'oeil.
-- mread, Nov 13 2005

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