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Truck Driver EEG   (0)  [vote for, against]
To prevent drivers from dozing off while driving

Monitor the truck driver's brain waves. If the brain waves indicated that the truck driver is starting to fall asleep an alarm would wake the driver up and signal that the truck's engine will turn off in 5 minutes. The truck driver would have to find a safe parking spot and wait until a timeout period expired before he/she could resume driving. The truck driver would have to wear the EEG electrodes in order to start the truck.

Of course I can already see the news headline: Sleepy Truck driver causes a deadly accident killing 4 people. Police find a dog hooked up to the EEG safety system.
-- ixnaum, Nov 18 2005

Why just truck drivers?
-- bristolz, Nov 18 2005

While monitoring truck (and other) drivers' awareness is a good thing, I find any kind of automatic cut-out worrying. Just keep the alarm. imo.
-- DrCurry, Nov 18 2005

I told you dogs are smart! This whole theory assumes that truck drivers have something "going on upstairs". I havent met many so couldnt possibly comment. As an alternate they could be on some kind of breathing equipment that monitors their rate and stops the truck if they dip below a certain value- the system would be designed to run just under the point of hyperventilation.
-- TrapCheese, Nov 21 2005

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