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A wave pool adventure

This is based on my anno for Tsunami Spheres under the Public category. It would be a wave pool where the riders would be encapsulated in clear, plastic spheres and ride around in a wave pool crashing into each other and throwing up in the spheres...just need a way to make it breathable or a very short ride.
-- goober, Aug 16 2005

Tsunami Spheres I Tsunami_20Spheres
the prequel to this idea [goober, Aug 16 2005]

Zorb http://www.halfbake...ory/Sport_3a_20Zorb
Zorbs in the HB [5th Earth, Aug 18 2005]

"just need a way to make it breathable "

Rigid plastic ball, weighted on the bottom by a chunk of anything heavy. Leave a hole in the top to climb/breathe through. Suspend yourself in the center by a system of elastic cables and go over niagara falls.
-- GutPunchLullabies, Aug 16 2005

-- 5th Earth, Aug 17 2005

[5thEarth] Wasn't he a character in Toy Story 2?
-- coprocephalous, Aug 17 2005

Maybe. I'm referring to a product which, due to ideas like these, has actually earned its own category in the HB.
-- 5th Earth, Aug 18 2005

Yeah, one of those zorb things would be perfect for this.
-- goober, Aug 26 2005

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