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Turntable Nail File   (-2)  [vote for, against]
Use the strobe marks on the turntable to file your nails.

On the side of the platter of my turntable there are marks that stand still when illuminated with a small orange neon lamp. I modified my turntable to spin at about 180 RPM. Now when I put my nails on the strobe marks, they get filed when the turntable is whirling at 180 RPM.
-- Amishman35, Jun 03 2002

So you invented a >$10 nail file? If you'd said it was steam powered I could have voted for it.
-- phoenix, Jun 03 2002

Mabye if I could get a hold of a Makita grinding disk, I could put it on my wind-up gramophone and let the spring do the work. FYI: Makita disks have the same sized hole as a phonograph record.
-- Amishman35, Jun 03 2002

Hey [Amishman], you wanna buy an '87 Ford Tempo? There is a little rusty spot on the driver's side door that makes a perfect nail file. And if you stick you hand out there at 65 mph, it gets rid of the shavings too!!
-- ploopyboy, Sep 19 2002

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