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This combination of the game Twister and yoga is fun and challenging (and sometimes impossible unless you're a contortionist). The spinner not only tells you on which color to place extremities, but also in which yoga position you must be. Levels are: beginners, intermediate, advanced, and nirvana.
-- Machiavelli, Feb 10 2005

The i of the Tiger http://www.fastlane...ex.cgi?riemann.html
A complex pose. [Detly, Mar 30 2005]

[+] 'Soon after opening, the twister-yoga center suddenly closed yesterday, after getting sued by a former member who claims she got seriously injured after she got a left foot red, right foot blue and right hand green, and there was only one of those places on opposite ends of the mat, and there were 5 other players on at the same time...' Try judo, the groundwork is kinda like a twister game, except in twister, armlocks aren't allowed.
-- froglet, Feb 11 2005

Cirque du Soleil
-- Shz, Feb 11 2005

Forget the Cobra and Downward Facing Dog - you'll have to introduce new poses, such as the Imploded Corkscrew, Diffracted Chessboard and Four Dimensional Surface With Closed Self Intersection Set.
-- Detly, Feb 11 2005

Maybe you could get more points for more complex solutions -- like if you could put either your left or right hand on a dot to your right the left would count more.
-- JesusHChrist, Mar 27 2005

Or why not defy the natural laws of physics and create a para-dimensional transporter (ok, now I know I've watched too many re-runs of Dr Who. I saw the new one on the weekend. I wish I could fast-forward to next week.)
-- froglet, Mar 27 2005

//Four Dimensional Surface With Closed Self Intersection Set// - Illustration anyone? Bris? FJ?
-- wagster, Mar 27 2005

How's that for you, [wags]?
-- Detly, Mar 30 2005

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