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Two Ply Splitter Roller   (+4, -2)  [vote for, against]
Gently seperates and rerolls a common symbol of modern profligate consumption.

This toilet paper dispenser features a sharp edge which slices two ply toilet paper, so as to separate the plies.

Unrolling the main two ply roller also powers the secondary rolling single ply roller. This causes a separate roll of single ply paper to accumulate on that roll for later consumption.
-- rcarty, Jan 07 2010

Two words: no. no.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 07 2010

That's really only one word twice.
-- rcarty, Jan 08 2010

So, you plan to use a single sheet, or do you fold it over to make a multiple ply?
-- ldischler, Jan 08 2010

Umm... why not just stock single ply?
-- csea, Jan 08 2010

Hmm.. maybe I'm one ply short of an ass wipe.

I'm going to be using that now.
-- rcarty, Jan 08 2010

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