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customised tables

Two Tables, Four Legs arrives with the two table tops attached to each other at the ends of the four legs.

To make them usable the owner simply has to saw through each of the four legs at any of the premarked lines. This produces one standard height table and one matching low level lounge floor type table.

Each set of Two Tables, Four Legs includes a pack of under leg levelling wedges to rectify the inevitable event of the sawing process producing two wobbly tables.

delux version also comes with extra long leg chairs that you also have to saw down to size.
-- xenzag, Jul 26 2021

Example of turned table leg https://www.amazon....390N6DWY4QNOM&psc=1
[scad mientist, Jul 26 2021]

Illustration https://sodabred.tu...an-original-idea-by
[xenzag, Jul 26 2021]

https://www.nationa...furniture-video-spd //has a velvety, suede-like texture and smells slightly like tea// [pocmloc, Jul 29 2021]

Could cut at different line at each end to produce two sloping tables. Clever selection of proportional cut marks could produce a pair of sloping tables which would fit together end to end to make a larger continuous sloping surface.

If the set came with a tube of glue the pair could be re-assembled and re-cut to produce a pair with a different angle of slope, as many times as you liked.
-- pocmloc, Jul 26 2021

With a bit of ingenuity you could have each leg made out of a material with a wildly different thermal or humidity expansion rate, thus ensuring further sales for 'update kits.'
-- RayfordSteele, Jul 26 2021

If the table legs are turned (see link), the shape of the leg can be arranged to have narrow spots at the recommended cut locations so that no actual lines are needed, and it's very easy to cut accurately with a hand saw.
-- scad mientist, Jul 26 2021

see five minute scribble from note book (link)
-- xenzag, Jul 26 2021

[+] Thanks for the drawing, it explains a lot.

This could be the flagship product from AEKI, a company specializing in furniture that ships in containers as large or larger than the finished product, which need to be disassembled before use per pictorial instructions.
-- a1, Jul 27 2021

I was picturing two tables which could be supported with only four legs.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jul 28 2021

//which need to be disassembled before use per pictorial instructions.//

Sprue, but with wood!

I'm imagining a fat baobab tree cut off short, and then some saplings grafted into the stump, and spreading out into other furnishings, some of which are bonsai-trained.

Should it be shipped with or without the roots?
-- pertinax, Jul 29 2021

Growing Your Own furniture is a complete idea in itself.
-- xenzag, Jul 29 2021

There is mushroom furniture available
-- pocmloc, Jul 29 2021

// mushroom furniture //

But where would you put it?

My dustbin's absolutely full with toadstools
How do you know it's full?
'Cause there's not mushroom inside!

-Lonnie Donegan
-- a1, Jul 29 2021

//where would you put it?//

On the floor, obviously.

Otherwise it would fall down.

Really, some people have no idea about simple physics concepts like gravity or home decor.
-- pocmloc, Jul 29 2021

This is freaking brilliant. Put Ikea out of biz. (The illustration saved it for me. Otherwise, I was clueless, per usual.)
-- blissmiss, Jul 31 2021

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