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Product: Air Freshener
USB Air Freshener   (+5, -1)  [vote for, against]
this idea could also belong in the 'computer' category

Like the air fresheners that you plug into a power socket. I think they draw a very low voltage which excites a prefabricated block of smelly stuff (sorry, I have no idea what else to name it), thus emitting a pleasant smell.

The USB air freshener is for computers like mine which are never switched off. It saves you the hassle of trying to find another power socket. The block of smelly stuff is excited by the very low charge emitted through the USB port. The block of smelly stuff is also replaceable and sits on a long, metallic tentacle (like a USB laptop light) so it can be moved in front of the power source's cooling fan.
-- sdm, Sep 20 2001

Thanko USB P@D Aroma Generator (2005) http://www.popgadge...3_different_aro.php seems to be down, so no more details. Sniff. [jutta, May 21 2006]

I thought about the drive bays but reasoned that if it were USB instead, there would surely be slots at the back of most computers, and one could utilise the fan there to dispell the fragrance.
-- sdm, Sep 20 2001

Given that the fan is venting warm air from the computer case, your smelly-block might not need any further heating (as with those smelly-rings that you put on light-bulbs). If it's not warm enough, over-clock your processor and put the smelly-block right on the heat-sink.
-- angel, Sep 20 2001

One problem, Tiger.. Responsible computer users have their monitor shut off after a period of idleness. Of course, some responsible computer users never leave the keyboard idle for too long.

Apple G4 Cube would be a nice solution. That chimney would provide a nice heat source for a smelly block.
-- randydarden, Sep 20 2001

A bit of a variation, a USB ionizer/dust remover. It plugs into the USB port not unlike the aforementioned air freshener, but this one ionizes and removes dust from the air before the nasty little dust bunnies can enter and harm you computer.
-- SpineyNorman, Feb 12 2002

Aren't ionizers, like, a Bad Thing to have around electronic components? (Maybe I dreamt it was a Bad Thing).
-- bristolz, Feb 12 2002

I think this exists already. . .not sure though.
-- craziness, May 21 2006

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