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Fashion: Hat: Flight
Ultra-Beanie   (+1)  [vote for, against]
Note: This has nothing to do with bean-stuffed toys.

As I harken back to my youth, my salad days as a young Cedar, I remember fondly the beanie, a multi-coloured skull cap, with a plastic propeller protruding from its top. Many an afternoon was spent, head tilted forward, running around pretending I was an airplane. But I progress...

I no longer have time to run around, making airplane noises and watching the propeller spin.

The Ultra-Beanie is a variation on the Beanie theme. Connected to the pinnacle of the skull cap is a shaft, about pencil length. Mounted to the top of the shaft is a small plastic airplane, with a motorized propeller. The battery is located in the hat portion, and the plane uses an light electric motor, to keep the weight down. Also included in the hat is a digital recording of a propeller plane flying. This sound can be switched off for telephone calls and office conferences.
-- Cedar Park, Aug 02 2003

A quick illustration. [Cedar Park, Oct 04 2004, last modified Jul 24 2010]

Could you have an F22 stealth (with the all glass canopy) and jet noises?
-- sartep, Aug 02 2003

I don't want one. It's silly.
-- sartep, Aug 02 2003

But I'd want to be the first one to have one, if it had small butane lighter engines out the back.
-- sartep, Aug 02 2003

Ooooo, ok, bun. + Darn you human.
-- sartep, Aug 02 2003

Oh, Oh! I forgot a key point of the description...

The plane 'flies' around this little pole. I figure it needs a stiff supporting rod connected to the pole, and armature-style contacts to supply the power to the plane. (See illustration in [link]).

You will probably have to have a little elastic strap to keep this on your head.
-- Cedar Park, Aug 02 2003

That's actually really neat.
-- sartep, Aug 02 2003

Sp: aeroplane
-- thumbwax, Aug 02 2003

How do you see the propeller spinning if it's mounted to the top of your head?
-- Jezzie, Aug 02 2003

Wait 'til it does a nose dive.
-- thumbwax, Aug 02 2003

Dangit! Never thought of that; my "Halo Generating Hat" could have been done with a vapor trail!

For balance, I think maybe I'd want a Fokker DR1 and a Sopwith Camel on opposite sides of the pole.
-- lurch, Aug 02 2003

Who doesn't want a good Fokker?
-- DeathNinja, Aug 03 2003

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