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Product: Weapon: Sonic
Ultrasonic Celtic Spear   (-1)  [vote for, against]
A wind up spear whose tip oscillates in and out at 30kHz.

Wind up the spring and stab someone, then press the button on the shaft and the spear tip goes in and out a very small distance at 30,000 times per second. A large spring turns a gear train which turns a vertically recorded cylinder with a 30Khz sine wave on it. The tip oscilates in an and out and you can vaporize blood (with the sound waves) and you can use it in a tearing motion too as it is like a saw.
-- Amishman35, Nov 30 2003

I don't just have weapons, I have other mechanical A/V equipment that shouldn't be posted.
-- Amishman35, Dec 01 2003

Okay, First I will update the Ring phonograph, then I will add the Mithril Credenza, then I will redo the Palantir Television System with videodisc player, then helically scanned film, and lastly the Amberola 31.
-- Amishman35, Dec 01 2003

best idea ever.
-- BillyBoy, Dec 01 2003

Remind me to buy a new blade for my electric razor.
-- RayfordSteele, Dec 01 2003

This would be better if it also got really hot, and was radioactive. And poisoned with curare. And 20 feet long. And tipped with francium.
-- bungston, Dec 01 2003

Why? ... are guns and knives and rocks and nuclear weapons not GOOD enought for you?
-- Letsbuildafort, Dec 01 2003

Yes, which is why this item should incorporate all of them. Did I mention you can shoot rocks from the butt? Of the spear! Oh, wait.. were you addressing me, [Fort]?
-- bungston, Dec 01 2003

Makes a lovely gift. *Evil thoughts*
-- thumbwax, Dec 02 2003

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