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Ultrasonic Wireless Wi-Hi-Fi   (+2, -4)  [vote for, against]
Connect to the internet by means of ultrasonic audio tones.

Wireless networking using a router/receiver with a piezoelectric tweeter which emits an ultrasonic tone, along with a super-sensitive high-frequency microphone. To connect to the internet, one simply plugs the USB reciever which listens for the router's tone and then the receiver and router negotiate a connection the way a dial-up modem does, but at a higher inaudible frequency (possibly with a higher speed/bandwidth).
-- Amishman35, Jun 08 2007

Side-effects on dogs?
-- pertinax, Jun 08 2007

You are not going to get a terribly great data rate. I know that data rate has something to do with signal frequency and pressure waves in air just cannot be switched as fast. Also I suspect there would be a problem due to the relatively slow speed of sound as compared to EM radiation.
-- Galbinus_Caeli, Jun 08 2007

It would probably upset a lot of bats and moths too, but all they ever do is cause hurricanes when they flap their wings. Or something.
-- coprocephalous, Jun 08 2007

Is it really a problem that radio frequencies are regulated? Unless so, I don't see the advantage over a regular wireless router. I'm not sure how different frequencies propagate, but I'd guess that your not gonig to have much luck at more than 100-200kHz, which means your data rate is (I'm guessing here) less than 50kbits/second.

There is another problem, maybe, as well. The ultrasound will bounce around so that the receiver gets the same signal at various times separated by tens milliseconds. This is surely going to make life complicated.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 08 2007

I'm sure mosquitoes would be pissed off... beating their wings a million times per minute, or whatever. I just hope it doesn't attract mosquitoes. 'Tis the season to be blood-sucked.

Oh, and it would be too slow. not travel through walls, and I don't mind the FCC regulating my airwaves. No matter how evil we make them look, they still organize it so that grandma isn't catching my wireless conversation.
-- twitch, Jun 09 2007

[bigsleep] Big bun!
-- AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jun 09 2007

A coherent beam of ultrasound, perhaps?
-- bluebeaversscrubbingourfloors, May 12 2009

with ultrasound being somewhere above 20.000Hz, you'd get a data rate worse even than the old 56k modems.
-- loonquawl, May 12 2009

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