Product: Umbrella
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Dive, Dive! A simple post-production fit for any umbrella to increase safety in the wet, and romance on the beach.

Install an umbrellascope.

This thin plastic tube comes in 3 lengths which fit together, with appropriately placed mirrors inside. This allows you to see above the umbrella-tarpaulin and thus provides protection against umbrella-related-sight-impairment injuries. Like walking into telegraph poles.

Also provides astronomic benefits of views of the stars, perfect for sheltering under with your honey, on the beach on a drizzly night.

The kit comes with rubber sealant, goggles, view-screen wiper (powered by batteries, and with settings to 'intermittent' and 'continuous') [thanks Waugs], an appropriately themed submarine-captain-uniform of your choice, and a picnic rug for the beach.
-- seedy em, Nov 19 2003

A transparent umbrella would be simpler, but with this idea, you could see over the crowd at a parade. (Provided anyone has a parade in the rain)
-- half, Nov 19 2003

Would it come with a built-in windshield wiper? It's raining out there, you know.
-- Worldgineer, Nov 19 2003

[half] I had the same thoughts about rain and parades, and thanks for not on mine ;-)
-- seedy em, Nov 19 2003

Well, if its THAT kind of parade we're talking about, then count me out
-- Letsbuildafort, Nov 19 2003

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