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Because there hasn't been one for a while.

Bubba you’ve got to let us know
Did you stay or did you go?
Are you still lurking on the site?
Or did you vanish in the night?
So you’ve got to let us know
Did you stay or did you go?

It’s always tease tease tease,
You only anno when you please.
Have you stayed with us all along?
I think the subject’s worth a song.
Well come on and let us know
Did you stay or did you go?

I see you wrote your 20 cents
On [somegirl]’s fishboned conscience,
You know we love to see you bake
Or was that anno just a fake?
So you’ve got to let us know
Did you stay or did you go?

This indecision’s bugging me
Are you still in the ‘bakery?
Just like you said to hearts too faint
“The happy cuddle club this ain’t”
But then again, and even so,
That doesn’t mean that you should go.
-- Fishrat, Aug 23 2004

Una http://www.mapsofin...adesh/roads/una.htm
[nielp] ....Don't mention it. Glad to be of assistance... [ConsulFlaminicus, Oct 05 2004]

where IS [una] ?
-- neilp, Aug 23 2004

//where IS [una] ?//

see [link]
-- ConsulFlaminicus, Aug 23 2004

genius [Consul]
-- neilp, Aug 23 2004

I'm kind of disappointed, because it wasn't based on "The Logical Song." *hint hint*
-- thumbwax, Aug 23 2004

Sorry, what's the tune?
-- Detly, Aug 23 2004

I think the beat is "Should I Stay or Should I Go".
-- croissantz, Aug 23 2004

-- Fishrat, Aug 23 2004

Nice one, Fishrat. I've noticed The Mighty UB (rhymes with "flub") dropping in now and again recently. Not sure if it's a full-blown return or just some sporadic lapses, though. He always seemed to keep his hand in, even if he wasn't annotating, but it seems he has been popping in more than usual of late. Here's hoping he'll be back to take the piss out of all of us once more...
-- lostdog, Aug 23 2004

hey doggy! how does U B rhyme with *flub*?
-- po, Aug 23 2004

I'm glad *somebody* wrote a song. I wanted to but was quite without a good starting inspiration, having already used the song 'American Pie.'
-- RayfordSteele, Aug 23 2004

po - it's like "hub", but with without the "H". A noise I once made when being sick in a friend's toilet with nothing left in my stomach.

It's like the opposite of down, but it ends with a "b" rather than a very satisfying pee.
-- lostdog, Aug 23 2004

Sorry [lostdog] but I've always abbreviated the hallowed Bubba's moniker to UB on the interpretation that is pronounced as "Yoobee", as sort of bakery initials, rather than "Ubb" (as I imagine [po] has also).
-- goff, Aug 24 2004

Yup. affectionately known as U.B. in this neck of the woods.
-- po, Aug 24 2004

Or Z.B.
-- egbert, Aug 24 2004

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