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Two/three ring binder without the binder

[This might very well be Baked, in which case my apologies in advance.]

I am very much in need of a three ring binder, but without the front and back. Specifically a mechanism for keeping a stack of hole-punched papers together, but so I can flip sheets off the top onto the bottom.

Something consisting of a cardboard stiffener and three openable rings. I am sure I have seen suitable rings somewhere, so the whole might well exist too.
-- DrCurry, Aug 27 2002

(???) Well and truly Baked now http://www.moniplex...endar/unabinder.jpg
Can't quite decide if something that can be pieced together with items from the local stationery store counts as an original idea (perhaps this what you're meant to do with book rings?). Still haven't seen the complete item on sale anywhere, though, so further links welcome. [DrCurry, Sep 08 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]

I would suggest using 'treasury tags'.
-- Jinbish, Aug 27 2002

cut the front and the back *off* a normal one. would you like mummy to hold the scissors?
-- po, Aug 27 2002

Hammer... nails... duct tape... very bakeable. I have seen an acrylic base with three very tall openable rings, good for about 500 sheets or so, but it's designed to sit on your desk.
-- Mr Burns, Aug 27 2002

There's probably a Unabinder available in Brisbane. I have seen individual binder rings but without the stiffener you mention the whole thing could be unwieldy. I have also seen a strip that has three metal posts (and some the only have two posts) with another strip that clamps onto the the top of the posts. Couldn't flip the pages very easily, though.
-- bristolz, Aug 27 2002

Aha: what I actually need are evidently called "book rings". Now I just need to find an acetate cover and a card back and I'll be in business.
-- DrCurry, Aug 30 2002

-- -alx, Aug 30 2002

Trash bag ties.
-- waugsqueke, Aug 31 2002

I don't know if this is the same as "book rings", but Taiwan bookstores carry plastic binding strips that can adjust to varying thicknesses of paper stacks. Perhaps the same as what Bristolz saw?

It came in handy during my print-an-entire-book-from-Project-Gutenberg-website phase.
-- tharsaile, Sep 09 2002

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