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Daily barrage of government propoganda

Well, it seems that Gee Dubya needs to convince more than a handful of people that his plan to attack Iraq is a good idea.

What better way to accomplish this than to bombard the public with an onslaught of one sided e-mails that explain why Saddam is an evil dictator, and that an offensive is necessary to maintain world peace. These would have to be carefully crafted by government spin doctors to insure that the message is not misinterpreted.

Of course, government laws now prohibit unsolicited e-mails without a means to unsubscribe, so each message must contain a removal link that links to a dead page somewhere in cyberspace.

Gathering e-mail addresses is a snap.. just start with the list of everyone that has e-filed their tax return in the last few years.

Think of the money this approach saves. It certainly must be substantially more than what is spent to print thousands of flyers and air drop them into key locations..
-- Mr Burns, Sep 24 2002

Propaganda Machine http://www.halfbake...ropaganda_20Machine
One of my first ideas, if not the first - damn, didn't include spam [thumbwax, Sep 24 2002]

Nick@nite: All I'm proposing is mass e-mailed government propoganda. Please try not to mistake my sense of humor for a rant (well, maybe the dead link part does have a bit of a ring to it..).
-- Mr Burns, Sep 24 2002

Oh, lest we forget the ascendent middle east techno-element, send everyone a list of their addresses and their personalized requests to be pen pals. That should reignite the jiiahd.
-- reensure, Sep 24 2002

I don't think that I'll be voting for this, I get enough crap in my inbox as it is. I'm currently being lobbied by someone purporting to be Mrs Abacha (widow of the late Nigerian dictator). Apparently she's fallen on hard times and needs me to send her all my money in order to save her from a life of grinding poverty. I'm undecided about whether or not I should bail her out. What do you reckon? Is it a good investment?
-- DrBob, Sep 24 2002

Maybe a croissant if the email subject line reads, "Direct From Dubya: Dammit! I'm your Daddy now!"
-- hollajam, Sep 24 2002

//What do you reckon? Is it a good investment?//

Doc, what a coincidence, she confided in me, too. But I deleted her letter, so you must be next on her list of foreign contacts. Fortunately, I have a note from Dave Rhodes, who has a "money-making program that works perfectly every time, 100% of the time". With this record of success, Uncle Spam definitely should try an e-mail campaign.
-- Amos Kito, Sep 25 2002

And there was I wondering whether I should invest in increasing the size of my male member, or just quit worrying about the size of my breasts. If only I knew some important people...
-- PeterSilly, Sep 25 2002

Thanks Amos! I'll leave Mrs Abacha in her gutter then and await more profitable opportunities from Dave Rhodes.
-- DrBob, Sep 25 2002

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