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Disc Golf + Paintball = hmm..

Take disc golf, then line the fairways with snipers and gun towers loaded with paintballers. Fairways also have protective barriers and bushes for golfers to hide behind, these also add to the challenge of getting a decent drive.

Golfers get to tee off while not being fired upon, but once they step foot off the platform, it's open season.

Golfers also carry paintball guns and can fire back at the snipers and gun towers. Shooters that are hit must stop firing until the next group tees off. Disc golf play continues following regular disc golf rules, as long as players are not hit.

Players that are hit take a triple bogey for the hole and walk to the next tee. Hits on shooters help to shave strokes off their game. Beer cart at every hole. Eye and ear protection required.
-- Mr Burns, Oct 15 2002

Smoke grenades allowed, yes ? Never mind, I'll play anyway ...
-- 8th of 7, Oct 16 2002

I knew I could count you in, 8th.. :)
-- Mr Burns, Oct 16 2002

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