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Use what you like all the time

Almost universally every person has a specific preference in what kind of shower head they like to use.

This system would be a universal shower head with a quick release coupling that would allow you to install portable attachment heads. This would allow people who have their own heads to use them and those without would be able to use the default head/connector.

The design would bear some resemblance to a oversize leak proof Hydraulic connector such as is used in tractors except in the closed mode there would be holes to allow water to pass much like those simple low flow shower spray heads. Attachment heads would simply press into place, which would allow full shower flow to the attachment head. A simple push and twist and the head disconnects.

This device would find wide usage in the hotel industry where travelers would buy their preferred design and carry it with them.
-- jhomrighaus, Nov 26 2006

How about just getting an adjustable head so that most people can find a good enough solution. No one is sensitive enough to need a specific setting.

It's a complicated solution to a problem that has already been solved simply.
-- tastycat, Nov 27 2006

Haven't been here long have you [tastycat]?
-- jhomrighaus, Nov 27 2006

//Haven't been here long have you [tastycat]?//

jhomrighaus, if I would have had milk in my mouth just now it would be all over the keyboard.
-- Chefboyrbored, Nov 27 2006

-- theleopard, Nov 27 2006

Not long enough at all, apparently.
-- tastycat, Nov 27 2006

Provided that they could be made sufficiently watertight, I would also like to see quick connects under the sink, on the water heater, under the commode, on the back of the ice maker, in that little cubby behind the bathtub, and on every component of my well.

I already have them on all of my outdoor water hoses and accessories, and there ain't no going back.
-- nomocrow, Nov 27 2006

[nomocrow] You should look into the higher end hhydraulic and food service connectors. They have those connectors they are just expensive and are very prohibitive for home use.
-- jhomrighaus, Nov 27 2006

Jhomrighaus, don't forget the quick release toilet seat!

Immagine useing your own toilet seat every where you went.
-- Chefboyrbored, Nov 27 2006

It's a kind of good idea, but I'm thinking that I have yet to have my most favorite shower head and that through traveling the world and taking showers everywhere, someday I will find that most special shower head.

ps- I've showered at an abandoned army barracks in Jamaica with cold water only and in outside showers in New Hampshire and neither of those are the ones.
-- xandram, Nov 28 2006

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