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These have opaque lenses with holes in them

I discovered that pinhole lenses correct most vision defects which can be corrected by glasses. The down side is that they don't let much light in, which is a plus for sunglasses. So if you are legally blind without your glasses, have someone paint a pair of glasses black and drill a tiny hole in each lens (take them off first). The holes should be the same distance apart as your pupils are. This saves a lot of money on prescription sunglasses and also is a temporary solution if your glasses fall off and break.
-- mr2560, Sep 19 2003

Lax Optics
miracle lensless spectacles [tpoo22, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

//The holes should be the same distance apart as your pupils are.//

You should mention that marking the pupils' location shouldn't be done just by looking in the mirror with the glasses on...
-- Tiger Lily, Sep 20 2003

just one pinhole would reduce the field of your vision somewhat: there is no reason this will not work with many pinholes, distributed over the lens.
-- yamahito, Sep 20 2003

If you let eye-matter build up and dry, you can pat yourself on the back, and sprinkle salt.
-- thumbwax, Sep 20 2003

Baked - see link. You don't need to align the pinholes with your pupils, either.
-- tpoo22, Sep 20 2003

Pinhole lenses do not protect you from U.V. exposure though. Sunglasses serve two purposes, they make it darker (the QUANTITY of light coming in) and they reduce they amount of Ultraviolet light entering your eye (the QUALITY of light entering). Though reducing the QUANTITY of light coming in is certainly helpful, the QUALITY of the light is the operative consideration. What damages eyes most is the ultraviolet light. It breaks down the material that comprises the lens of your eye, making it hazy and cloudy (cataracts). It also damages the retina. So, in an emergency, pinhole glasses are better than nothing, but they should not be used as sun protection.
-- eyeguy, Jan 23 2004

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