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Upside-Down Fountain   (+6)  [vote for, against]
Like a fountain, but upside down.

Water pours out of a spout in the ceiling, falling down until it hits a jet of air coming out of the floor, where it splatters outwards a few feet from the ground. A ring of more powerful air jets surrounds this, which bend the path of the droplets and send them back up to the ceiling. At the top, a corresponding ring of vacuum nozzles collects the droplets and feeds them back to the main reservoir.

Coming soon, in the same series:

- Sideways Fountain, which uses far heavier use of air jets to suggest that everything else is the sideways party;

- Gallium Fountain, which freezes solid on cloudy days;

- Slow-Motion fountain, which spews lightweight oil within a room filled with Sulphur Hexafluoride;

- Stopped Fountain, made of solid glass;

- Fast-Motion Fountain, which runs in a centrifuge;

- Fast-Forward Fountain, which skips straight to the final stage in the life-cycle of all fountains -- a crumbling lump of concrete with no water.
-- mitxela, Oct 19 2017

With enough air jets and processing power one might be able to organise a rotating fountain to combine all these ideas.
-- pocmloc, Oct 19 2017

Yes, but that is baked.

Well, maybe soggy is a better word.
-- normzone, Oct 19 2017

Cast your bread upon the waters, and it will get soggy.
-- mitxela, Oct 19 2017

- Suspended fountain, powerful sheets of jetted air keep a volume of water perpetually spinning and travelling through mid-air as though spilling down an invisible water-slide.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 22 2017

Just spurt the water downwards into a denser fluid, such as mercury.
-- Wrongfellow, Oct 22 2017

Can air be laminar flowed like water or light? I imagine that it doesn't have the stickiness over short distances so a ring of jets would have some complex air patterns.
-- wjt, Oct 23 2017

Marcel duchamp’s new fountain can now be a shower instead of a urinal
-- DDRopDeadly, Nov 23 2017

There's a fountain in the Miro museum in Barcelona in which liquid falls across several metal plates, splashing and trickling from one to another. It's only after a second or two of watching it that you realise the liquid is mercury - very weird.
-- hippo, Nov 23 2017

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