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Want an extra Coke with those Pop Rocks?

Here's a theme restaurant for you. Featuring such menu items as Mama Cass Sandwiches, Steak and Stolen-Kidney Pie (served with a side of ice and a note that reads, "call 911"), and Real Dog - Or Is It? - Hot Dogs, this homey little diner provides its customers with service that is always faultlessly nice. Too nice, in fact.

The dessert menu favorite is the 1970's classic: 15 bags of Pop Rocks and a large Coke. Signed liability releases are accepted in lieu of reservations.
-- 1percent, Apr 04 2001

(?) Truth as strange as fiction
Icky. [PotatoStew, Apr 04 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Make sure the booths have optional seatbelts, too:-). You don't want to get trapped in a belt if the restaurant catches fire. All the survivors can congratulate themselves on being bright enough not to use theirs.
-- Brendan, Apr 04 2001

And the ever-popular worm burgers.
-- Brendan, Apr 04 2001

And a slice of Animal 57, please, medium rare.
-- jutta, Apr 04 2001

Rat-head hamburger, anyone? Oh, wait... that actually happened...
-- PotatoStew, Apr 04 2001

Human excrement tacos...oh, that happened too <shudder>.
-- Brendan, Apr 04 2001

Chicken Head Nuggets, and Scalding Hot Coffee... wait that happened too.
-- thumbwax, Apr 04 2001

Blue Plate Special: microwaved poodle dogs! An explosion of taste.
-- daruma, Apr 04 2001

Chicken McNoggins!
-- StarChaser, Apr 04 2001

right next door to a hairdresser.....
-- technobadger, Apr 04 2001

And a veterinarian on the other side...
-- Brendan, Apr 04 2001

Envionmentally conscious customers would be pleased to know that the diner dumps all of its leftovers down the sewer, to feed the resident alligators and savage black pigs.
-- 1percent, Apr 04 2001

Your waiters tonight will be Elvis, Josef Mengele and Lord Lucan.
-- DrBob, Apr 04 2001

Once, i found a sheep in my food, or was it just Haggis?

[Don't ask about the Spanish Oysters]
-- [ sctld ], Apr 04 2001

And for the lady, might I recommend the lobster?
-- centauri, Apr 04 2001

You're forgetting the door handle with the bloody hook, and the rhythmic scraping emanating from the ceiling...
-- nick_n_uit, Apr 05 2001

As part of the Grand Opening Special, free desserts will be awarded to anyone who a) asks if the building has a basement, b) lets someone else buy him or her a drink, or c) offers to investigate that noise in the ceiling.

Hell, let's give anyone who does (c) a free meal ... when and if he or she ever comes back.
-- 1percent, Apr 05 2001

Would all the drinks come in old-style cans with pull-tabs so that customers could collect them to donate to hospitals so that they could buy dialysis machines?
Wait a sec while I put "Louie Louie" on the jukebox so I can sing along.
-- hippo, Apr 06 2001

And periodically, the phone at your table will ring.
"I am the Viper. I am coming over now."
-- AfroAssault, Jun 04 2001

Every 100th can of Pepsi would contain the needle from a syringe.
-- liquidx, Jun 04 2001

You'd get all of your drinks in cans, but you'd have to save the pop-tops to help a poor Missourian child stay on dialysis.
-- jester, Oct 04 2001

Not so much for the nasty food names but a good Urband Legend story would be nice to learn about while eating.
-- bkornele, Feb 23 2004

Another dessert specialty - bananas. With spider. Your seats would be shaped like cars (just like in that restaurant in Pulp Fiction), and every hour or so, an elephant would take a seat on the hood (reinforced, but with satisfying "collapse" mechanism).
-- Saruman, Dec 06 2004

Wondering if [1percent] lives anywhere near New York. Watch out, they're after you!
-- RayfordSteele, Oct 15 2011

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