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Splashback Avoidance System

Simple idea. A plastic fairing-like fitting should be placed at the foot of the urinal so that you can avoid coming out of the lavatory with shinier shoes than when you went in.
-- DrBob, Jan 17 2003 What the male half of the world has been waiting for these 10 long years! [DrBob, Nov 14 2013]

what is a ferring????
-- squeak, Jan 17 2003

It's the windscreeny-type thing on a motorbike.
-- DrBob, Jan 17 2003

almost a herring.
-- po, Jan 17 2003

Or you could make closed urinals (not in the eternal bus station sense). Like a half-sphere hanging on the wall with just a hole in the front where you poke your willy in. It could have one of those automatically cleaning rim thingys to avoid cross willy contamination and then you'd never pee on your shoes. Alternatively you could just sit down on a loo.
-- squeak, Jan 17 2003

And if they can't hit a bloody great slab of stone stuck to the wall, what chance have they got with a small hole, eh?

Spelling amended. Thank you Mr Sheds.
-- DrBob, Jan 17 2003

Well, [2sheds]if males (what happened to "Men") cannot figure out how not to dribble on their own shoes..........

You would think that practicing at least 5 times every day since potty training would eliminate this problem anyway. Can't you just shake them really well?
-- squeak, Jan 17 2003

You might think that, squeak, but clearly it's not the case.
-- DrBob, Jan 17 2003

I don't believe dribbling is the good doctor's issue. I suspect it's splash-back.

The problem is angle of attack, of course.
-- waugsqueke, Jan 17 2003

O.K. I admit it, men have the monopoly on weeing woes. The only time I have problems with this variety of shoe shine is after peeing in parks whilst a little over-refreshed (v.dangerous if in vicinity of nettles, thistles etc.).
-- squeak, Jan 17 2003

I seem to remember a question about this in The Grauniad's notes & queries column. One manufacturer had a picture of a bee [apis mellifera] for the user to aim at. This reduced splashback apparently.
-- oneoffdave, Jan 17 2003

/the problem is angle of attack/...

...or possibly the fellow standing next to you.
-- X2Entendre, Jan 17 2003

I've seen this baked, mostly in posh hotels, with a glass shield much as DrBob described at the foot of the urinal.

Haven't had much luck Googling for a picture or supplier, though. "commercial urinal" gets you partway there.
-- JKew, Jan 18 2003

I thought this might involve miniature ferris wheels or rubber ducks to hook. But I think someone has already done that.
-- kropotkin, Jan 20 2003

Splashback was my original motivation for posting this, having just staggered out of a pub with no lighting in the lavatories apart from a small, dirt encrusted window about thirty feet up one wall, but a higher barrier would also alleviate the problem of poor marksmanship.
-- DrBob, Jan 20 2003

Fairings may not work. I once got pissed on by a stupid f**ker who wasn't concentrating next to me. And it didn't just land on by toe-caps.

What we need is a hand-dryer on a vertical rail. It should dry anything from floor level to 7'. See separate idea.
-- FloridaManatee, Jan 20 2003

[DrBob], I'm not surprised you suffered from splashback if you were trying to aim over a thirty foot window!
-- egbert, Jan 20 2003

why not just sink the urinals into the ground a bit more?
-- slyphter, May 14 2003

or could just learn to aim!
-- bobathie, May 14 2007

Gosh, I didn't think of that.
-- DrBob, May 16 2007

-- DrBob, Nov 14 2013

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