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Use eye tracking to induce hallucinations   (+2)  [vote for, against]
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I heard there were new cell phones with front facing cameras specifically track eye movement so that content could be scrolled for the reader. I think similar eye tracking could be used for psych ops to intentionally put the reader in a state of mental imbalance.

For example if one knew but the readers browsing history that they were paranoid about some thing certain words or images could be imbedded with in websites they view. The images or words would remain on the page only until the camera notes the person has seen them , then they would instantly vanish the person would barely be aware they saw the words, and think their minds had played a trick on them, as frequency increases, the reader think they hallucinated the words. the words send to encourage frustrate, or frighten the person would become real self doubt and paranoia, and the person ability to do the tasks they had originally set out to do would be hindered.
-- bob, Jun 10 2014

Tobii Glasses
[JesusHChrist, Jun 11 2014]

bigsleep; yeah this would be specifically to freak people out. Not everyone, but as a way of further stressing the minds of adversaries in the hope it would hobble them.
-- bob, Jun 11 2014

I believe most of they people who have launched attacks on america and elsewhere were a few fruit loops short of a bowl. Their weakest point is their minds, so causing their brains to doubt itself might be highly beneficial.
-- bob, Jun 11 2014

Who needs paranoia? What profiteth a baker to freak out the easily freakoutable, but sell no more widgets to them?

No, this scheme is best suited for subliminal advertising: the erotic sales pitch barely noted by the conscious mind but seized upon an savored by the greedy reptilian brain.
-- bungston, Jun 11 2014

Would fail miserably when the software misinterpreted the person's browser history. For instance, is currently recommending that I watch "Smurfs 2" based on my interest in "Back to the Future!" (seriously)
-- DIYMatt, Jun 11 2014

Go ahead and watch it. You will love it. Smurfette turns bad!
-- bungston, Jun 11 2014

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