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User Optimized GPS   (+5)  [vote for, against]
Choose your personal preferences for driving routes.

(A spin-off from [cowtamer]'s GPS Glare Avoidance, and with much credit to [mouseposture] for helping distill the idea.)

A GPS which allows the user to optimize routes for various personal and environmental variables.

A driver may wish to take the long, scenic route home. Choose "optimize for scenery." Sun too bright in the direction you're heading? Select "Avoid glare." Low spots in the road which flood during rain storms? Check "Weather and Flooding." And so on...(I am not aware of any GPS unit which currently gathers weather info, but this does not seem insurmountable.)
-- Boomershine, Oct 17 2010

Hmmm. Well, SatNavs let you opt for motorways or non- motorways, and will offer you a selection of routes for any given journey besides.....

In any case, isn't this a matter for the chauffer?
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 17 2010

Chauffers are people, too. And, some have cars of their own.
-- Boomershine, Oct 17 2010

It's Chauffers all the way down.
-- Custardguts, Oct 18 2010

Bun. I'm often disappointed by the resolution of the filters in my Sat Nav preferences.
-- egbert, Oct 18 2010

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