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Vacuum mouse trap   (+6)  [vote for, against]
This will work.

The device can be snapped on to the accessory hose of your Dyson, or if you have more sense your Vax. The unsuspecting mouse strolls down a clear plastic tube towards the cheese and in doing so, breaks a phoitoelectric detection beam. A Picoduino-controlled partial vacuum cleaner starts up and pulls Monty down the tube into a transparent chamber before switching the impeller off. A mesh at the back of the chamber in front of the impeller prevents choppage. If the mouse tries to escape, it breaks the beam and the suction starts again. A one-shot indicator illuminates to indicate that the chamber is occupied. You could also be sent an SMS message or email to notify you that the trap has operated. When the user sees that the lamp is on, or receives a text message, he or she slides closed the entry door, detaches the chamber together with occupant, and empties it wherever desired. Select 'continuously on', and a crevice nozzle accessory is also available suitable for probing down radiators and behind the telephone table.
-- bhumphrys, Oct 09 2015

-- Voice, Oct 09 2015

Nice, I like my mice with a nicely coiffured blow dry hair do as well. Excellent two in one.
-- blissmiss, Oct 09 2015

This is also how you catch a man. The wifi is a nice touch [+]
-- 4and20, Oct 10 2015

My dad and I once decided to use a shop vac to clear out a wasp nest that some wasps had established using a hole in the brick mortar as an entrance. We just used a couple 6 foot extension pipes on the end of the hose, with the cone attachment up front, holding the cone end about 2 inches from the hole, picked up both outbound and inbound traffic as it came, until it stopped coming, eventually had to figure out how to turn off the
-- LoriZ, Oct 19 2015

... and clearly this didn't end well.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 19 2015

Sweet! +
-- whatrock, Jul 21 2016

Unnecessarily elaborate; and unacceptably // humane // [-]

200mm length of 50mm steel exhaust pipe, blanked at one end, ty-rap'd to a wooden board. Photocell/light source as described; at blank end of pipe, bait + No.2 theatrical microdet.

Automatic annunciation of activation; 100% kill rate; no mouse corpse to dispose of (just mop up any droplets).
-- 8th of 7, Jul 12 2020

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