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No more loose dust when changing vacuum bags

A device (possibly implementable as an add-on product) which vacuum packs the dust collected by a vacuum cleaner.

Not only does this allow you go run your vacuum longer between bag changes, but it reduces or eliminates the amount of dust that escapes when you do change the bag.

The deluxe model forms the dust into plastic-wrapped bricks and drops them out the back for easy disposal (eliminates vacuum bags altogether).

(Tip 'o the hat to [entremanure] for the inspiration)
-- phoenix, Nov 12 2001

I assume it would be just as good to compact it by other means, the main goal to be stopping the dust blowing around; but using the vacuum suction to compress it seems logical. Perhaps when a special bag's full (suction falls below a certain level), a flap could close in over the top, and be sucked into the bag, covering the contents and sealing it up.

Everyone seems to be moving towards vortex-based vacuums like the Dyson nowadays; I don't know how you empty them.
-- pottedstu, Nov 12 2001

There was an old automobile air filter that used oil as a very effective dust catcher. Why not use water to catch the dust and debris and then just dump it in the toilett and flush after vacuuming...add a pint of water before the next vacuuming...repeat. BB
-- Blisterbob, Mar 20 2007

I empty all the stuff my Dyson vaccuum cleaner picks up (along with kitchen waste and the contents of my paper shredder) into one of my compost bins at the end of the garden. After a year it has magically turned into compost.
-- hippo, Mar 20 2007

[hippo] My Dyson mostly picks up carpet fibres - does this not upset the diet of your friendly composting worms?
-- AbsintheWithoutLeave, Mar 20 2007

[AWL] Not if your carpets are natural fibre (e.g. wool, or similar). Even if they're artificial fibre it may add structure to your soil. However, most dust is actually human skin flakes, grit, and clothing fibres.
-- hippo, Mar 20 2007

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