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Culture: Art: Interactive
Van Door Graff Generator   (+10)  [vote for, against]

It's a revolving door that operates a (admittedly low-speed) Van de Graff generator. Either the collector globe is directly above the door, or is removed at some distance and is operated via a long stretch of silicone rubber band.

Now, a very high voltage / low-current power source is not terribly useful, unless you want to run a negative-feedback security device on, say, a piece of statuary in the lobby of your fancy office building.

Sign on the statue: "Do Not Touch."

Recalcitrant visitor ignores sign.


Another sign near the floor, where it is conveniently visible to the now-horizontal visitor, says "Told you."
-- elhigh, Oct 11 2007

Well, [+] because why not? Also, I have this mental image of a long-necked quadruped with a metal sphere for a head, and a static-producing rubber belt running between its head and its body. It's a Van Der Giraffe generator.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 11 2007

[Max] - You forgot to actually vote. A common problem of mine also, by the way.
-- jtp, Oct 11 2007

Ah. So I did. Rectified. My mind is wandering, and I'd quite like to see a revolving door that is actually mounted on a fine-pitched threaded axle. As more and more people come in, the door would slowly screw itself higher and higher, becoming unfeasibly inconveniently high.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 11 2007

Surely touching this would be a van door gaffe?
-- sprogga, Oct 12 2007

[Max], a revolving door that literally screws with visitors? Most excellent.
-- elhigh, Oct 12 2007

The statuary could be a Venus De Milo statue with only certain private parts energized for the very recalcitrant types… This version could be titled “Van Door Graff Venus De Milo”. A built-in camera would make for excellent You-Tube fodder!
-- CwP, Mar 07 2008

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