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Pre-mix of your favorite kinds.

The cereal equivalent of bits and bites, or trail mix. Package some of the more popular cereals in mixed boxes, rice crispies/special K, mini-shreddies/cheerios. They would have to be compatible sizes, so that all the small ones don't sink to the bottom, honey comb/rice crispies just wouldn't work well. Perhaps mix three or four together; every spoonful would be a different taste. (not baked in Canada, yet, elsewhere?)
-- rbl, Aug 14 2002

baked(and rolled in honey smacks)
[blacksect, Aug 15 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

A mix your own cereal bar [PollyNo9, Dec 22 2006]

Crunchy Nut Cornflakes and Coco Pops followed by a croissant.
-- calum, Aug 14 2002

you can get paint mixed up according to your specifications of shade. I can visualise a machine in the supermarket. you hold your empty box underneath and tap in your requirements - 50% cornflakes 25% nut allbran 10% winalot 15% muesli - sugar to taste. vitamins madam? a little soupcon of oestrogen? oh well your loss. viola.
-- po, Aug 14 2002

now that is a good Idea, a cereal dispenser, bring your own package and save on waste.
-- rbl, Aug 14 2002

Previously baked. See link. was a site where you could mix your own cereal from different ingredients and stuff from other cereals. Run by general mills aparently. Sadly the cereal cost about $15 a box or something. So General Mills canned it.
-- blacksect, Aug 15 2002

If you really want cheap mixed cereal get yourself into a college cafeteria with an all you can eat type thingy and mix your own from the cereal bins. It helps to bring a plastic lined duffel bag so you can fill up for the month.
-- blacksect, Aug 15 2002

10% winalot, hah!

I make myself laugh sometimes...
-- po, Dec 22 2006

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