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Varying Viscosity Water Bed.   (+5, -1)  [vote for, against]
No more gravol before bed.

A waterbed which uses a water soluble viscous fluid. The viscosity would be adjustable by diluting the fluid with water, or re-introducing the pure viscous fluid.

By adjusting the viscosity of the fluid, you are adjusting how "wavy" the bed is.

note: The fluid is contained within a traditional waterbed lining.

Ammendmants: The mixture would be nearly homogeneous. Closed loop circulation would be enough to maintain the homogeneity.

Mixture expelled during viscosity adjustments would be allowed to seperate by gravity at a reasonable rate for re-use.

New Ammendmant: Anno clarified: The fish could probably do the mixing required to maintain liquid's consitency as they swam about creating turbulance.
-- knowtion, Mar 11 2009

Non-Newtonian Bed Non-Newtonian_20Bed
[hippo, Mar 12 2009]

Dense Liquid Bed Dense_20Liquid_20Bed
[hippo, Mar 12 2009]

I think this would bother the fish.
-- normzone, Mar 11 2009

sounds good... what composition is it again ?
-- FlyingToaster, Mar 11 2009

possibly flour dough. Not sure on that one. It would also probably need some internal mixing device (the fish could probably do this too).
-- knowtion, Mar 11 2009

sounds messy. even messier would be honey, i suppose.
-- k_sra, Mar 11 2009

Many problems, but feasible, advantageous. Almost essential.+ Consider different titles: non newtonian water bed, variable viscosity water bed, sugar water bed, etc. The current title makes me think there's going to be a bunch of worthless knobs and dials, and it's better than that.
-- daseva, Mar 11 2009

//a bunch of worthless knobs and dials//

-- k_sra, Mar 11 2009

Ammended. Now nearly feasible.... <checks the net> Nope, still none on the market...
-- knowtion, Mar 11 2009

I like the idea of the homogenius. Gravol! <throws glass of viscous liquid into fireplace>
-- bungston, Mar 11 2009

I'd suggest cornstarch, rather than flour.
-- goldbb, Mar 11 2009

Custard filled water bed. Someone had to say it.
-- spidermother, Mar 12 2009

Someone already did (see links).
-- hippo, Mar 12 2009

The cadillac convertable inches forward as I ride high in the back seat. A piece of confetti tickles my nose. A streamer gracefully drapes one of the thousands of applauding hands lining the street.... Lightning crashes. Exodus ensues. And I am soon riding high, soaked in a lone cadillac convertable.

One remaining faithful fan approaches the cadillac and asks for some change. I look him in the eye and say earnestly: "I thought it was an idea original to the halfbakery". He replies: "Whatever", and walks away.
-- knowtion, Mar 12 2009

[+], greatly influenced by the best two paragraph fiction I've read in a while.
-- Noexit, Mar 12 2009

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