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No more slipping-related injuries

I off-handedly mentioned in a comment on (Business: Specialist Store) "Half-Speed, Ltd", the notion of a teflon-coated shower mat. This got me to thinking...

A shower mat, topped with the velour (there are plenty of water-repellent materials from which this could be made), and sandals (or maybe flip-flops) with soles of the crochet-hook half. The elderly, and other "a bit wobbly on their feet" members of society, need no longer fear slippage, and the surefooted citizen can stand barefoot in the shower with lovely velour beneath his or her feet.

(Or, for people with grim foot-skin issues, have the Cro on the mat, that they may scrub their soles simply by shuffling.)
-- friendlyfire, Oct 28 2002

"What if I slipped on a bar of soap in the shower? Oh my God, I'd be killed!" — Homer Simpson
I like it. Croissant.
-- NickTheGreat, Oct 28 2002

Velcro?! Pictures new ad for that elderly help line: "Help - I'm in the shower and I can't get out!"
-- DrCurry, Oct 28 2002

One big prob: mildew-city...
-- RayfordSteele, Oct 29 2002

<Rods Tiger> All those other mats are sensible and real, and so unsuitable for the Half-Baked home.

<wauksqueke> In case slippage is needed in a hurry, the sandals will now come with little liquid soap sacs, which are burst by pressing against them (as if you were trying desperately to slide your feet out but couldn't) thus lubricating the feet immediately in an emergency. I hope this resolves your concern about our product, sir, and that you continue to place your trust in the HalfBakery brand.

<DrCurry> An elderly person stuck in the shower for ages? The water would turn them all wrinkly and prune-li... Ah, so THAT's how they get like that! It's all so clear to me now!

<RayfordSteele> Then we make the mats from some anti-fungal material, like you can get for shower curtains. As a second measure, the mat is not 'solid' - there are drain/vent holes all over it (the holes could be in a range of different patterns to suite various bathroom decoration styles). These measures may not eliminate Mildew City, but certainly downgrade it to Mildew Barn or something.

However, there is curreently a thriving black market in mildew in Eastern Europe (it's too cold for fungus there), I will simply allow the mildew to grow, sell the mat to my contacts for far more than I originally paid for it, and buy another. Problem solved.
-- friendlyfire, Oct 30 2002

Welcome friendlyf, I like your style!
-- madradish, Oct 30 2002

//However, there is curreently a thriving black market in mildew in Eastern Europe...//
Quick, someone inform all the major property insurers in California that there's a lucrative resale market for black mildew. Insurers have dramatically increased premiums this year due to litigators like Erin Brockovich and others who have successfully argued about the toxicity of black mildew in wall cavities after water leaks or fire control efforts. Insurers have been paying out large settlements, and many are unhappy enough to have stopped writing new homeowner policies. This would be very welcome news to both insurers and homeowners, alike.
-- jurist, Oct 30 2002

Yes, it's too bad about the "mildew" issue, but your idea was very clever, nevertheless, and I commend you for your creativity!
-- Nicicle, May 15 2004

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