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Velcroads   (-6)  [vote for, against]
Traction good, friction bad.

Use the hook section for the road surface itself, and make little straps in varying lengths (for varying additional traction) that attach in a manner similar to tire chains.

Excellent for places that receive lots of fog or light rain that tends to make road surfaces excessively slippery when they otherwise shouldn't be.

They might help with traction, or (more likely) they might just shred themselves.. who knows?
-- Mr Burns, Aug 05 2002

work is being done
gecko biomimicry for tyres [wjt, Sep 05 2016]

Doesnt velcro become useless when wet ?
-- The_Englishman_Abroad, Aug 05 2002

No it's fine - my gaiters, rucksack, jacket and other Velcro featuring hiking paraphernalia all work in the pissing rain. But I very much doubt you'd get enough traction from Velcro to have any real effect on a car.
-- namaste, Aug 05 2002

It'd also make cars even noisier than they are already.
-- -alx, Aug 05 2002

Alternatively, you could have square wheels with regular ridges running across the road.
-- pottedstu, Aug 05 2002

Velcroads would only be used in places that experience frequent traction problems. Noise and fuel economy are usually not an issue when you're fishtailing around a winding mountain road..
-- Mr Burns, Aug 05 2002

That's half the fun of mountain roads! As long as the velcro option can be disabled then o.k, otherwise it's just another way to take away something fun.
-- dag, Aug 05 2002

With the kind of wear on the Velcro loops on the tires, they would need to be replaced quite often. The car would also need a significantly higher energy to do this.
-- BinaryCookies, Aug 05 2002

I was really sleepy when I posted.. I meant to say the loops are on the ground, and the hooks are strapped on like tire chains. The setup resembles those yellow balls with red velcro stripes that you throw at felt target boards.. Used only on sections of the road that would require additional traction.

Dag- Idea came to me while on a business trip over the weekend.. my car ride took me through Donner Summit, CA- some rather mountainous terrain.. had to do almost 100MPH to make sure I didn't miss my flight back home, and velcro covered road surface seemed logical for those long uphill and downhill grades that could get quite treacherous while raining...

BC: Velcro on tires is applied and removed like tire chains. Traction good, friction bad.
-- Mr Burns, Aug 06 2002

"They dance on the ceilings and dance on the walls at the Gandy Dancers ball."

So that's how the did that. Velcro shoes.
-- popbottle, Sep 04 2016

Not blue suede, then ?
-- 8th of 7, Sep 05 2016

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