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Venus Cheesetrap   (+5, -3)  [vote for, against]
This cheese is on the turn...

Imagine if you will, the traditional mousetrap; Block of wood, spring, Swiss cheese bait, hair trigger.

Now consider the 'Venus Cheesetrap'. Imbued with the warm, inviting smell of a fresh Camembert, the Venus Cheesetrap lures unsuspecting creatures into its glutinous, cheesy maw with the delicious smell of ripening dairy produce, before gently closing shut around its victims, engulfing them in sticky, inescapable cheesegoo.

The whole lot is then sluiced down into a digestion tank situated in the depths of the device, where it is gently broken down by bacteria and cultured into a new batch of tempting cheese.
-- zen_tom, Nov 01 2005

Cheese made of mouse? Insanity. Unless, of course, you plan to milk them.
-- Worldgineer, Nov 01 2005

Venezuelan beaver cheese?
-- phundug, Nov 01 2005

no, its a cheese trap but who will tune my piano?
-- po, Nov 01 2005

-- calum, Nov 01 2005

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