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Full Bath In Limited Space

full bath tubs are often too needy of space to be utilized in small bathrooms. the answer to that, the shower, can be much harder to relax in as a whole, adding a sense of urgency to your routine.

imagine if you will, a transparent tube, stretching to the ceiling. a pipe running up the back adds water at whatever height is desired, and control panel in the tube allows for water level, heat, and drain control. toward the top of the tube there are a number of vents, as well as a shelf for various relaxation items, and a partially submerged ledge that can be rested upon.

so that the functionality of a shower is not eliminated, a shower head can be extended to the top of the tube for when in a hurry.

upkeep should be fairly simple, requiring only that the walls be sprayed down every once in a while, and ambient light can be provided by recessed leds mounted on the bottom of the glass.
-- tcarson, Sep 18 2006

concept sketch of unsketchiness http://i107.photobu...ker/uprightbath.gif
[tcarson, Sep 18 2006]

Walk-In Bathtub http://www.wasauna....alk-in-bathtub.html
One of several brands of walk-in spa bathtubs that are especially designed to allow ease of access for those unable to bathe in a regular tub, including those with physical challenges, limited mobility or the elderly. At twice the depth of a standard tub, these are really very similar in concept to this idea, and cleverly address the small footprint and water-tight entry door issues. [jurist, Sep 19 2006]

Water saving version Bathe_20Peristaltic..._20Cup_20of_20Water
Courtesy of [FarmerJohn]. [Shz, Sep 19 2006]

Look up "walk-in baths" (also sometimes called "hip baths," but those also refer to something completely different).
-- DrCurry, Sep 18 2006

Great drawing!
-- jutta, Sep 18 2006

thanks [jutta].
-- tcarson, Sep 18 2006

Alarmingly blue water?
-- DesertFox, Sep 18 2006

well, i'm not sure about you [desertfox], but i've never seen water that blue before.
-- tcarson, Sep 18 2006

Go to Yellowstone. Look, but don't swim.
-- lurch, Sep 18 2006

it'll be a little claustrophobic... knocking your elbows against the walls and all. (if its wide enough not to knock your elbows, it will need too much water)
-- arvin, Sep 18 2006

How... umm... how do you get into it to take a bath?

Does the tube raise and lower on a hydraulic system, or does it have a water-tight door?

Either way, I would imagine that the bath-tub experience would be slightly less enjoyable if I had to sit in there while it filled all the way.
-- ye_river_xiv, Sep 19 2006

I can just imagine how many people would drown in these.
-- AlexTheGreat, Sep 19 2006

Just like Luke Skywalker in Star Wars used.
-- jhomrighaus, Sep 19 2006

//Great drawing!//
I think that was ironic.
-- ldischler, Sep 19 2006

//Great drawing!//
I think that was ironic.//
I think that was ironic because it was meant to be sarcastic.
-- Ling, Sep 20 2006

The perfect gift for the Houdini on your list.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Sep 20 2006

I just think ironic (humorously sarcastic, being one meaning) sounds nicer than a plain sarcastic.
-- ldischler, Sep 20 2006

I like drowning tube better, but that's just me.
-- ldischler, Sep 20 2006

ldischler, I see your point. Ironic implies a subtler form of mockery. It was subtle enough in this case, it seems. Unless the reply was ironic, which means that the first statement wasn't so ironic,'s all too complicated, never mind.
-- Ling, Sep 21 2006

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