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Vi-Pod   (+9, -3)  [vote for, against]
for the vinyl purists among us

each new track is introduced with the sound of a record crashing onto a deck.

the Vi-pod adds all the scratchy noises that we know and love or as some would put it – every little bit of the production.

finishing with the last few chords repeating endlessly as the needle sticks in the groove. (well a few times to get the effect).
-- po, May 23 2006

Run-out groove noise simulating CD_20player Run-out_20groove_20...ating_20CD_20player
The non-MP3 version [hippo, May 23 2006]

(I just thought po'd like one of these)
[Dub, May 27 2006]

-- jutta, May 23 2006

It's similar to a regular :q - only it doesn't care if you haven't saved your pod first. ^dd :wq
-- zen_tom, May 23 2006

Nothing, except as an observation (or pun if you will) with regards to the title of this idea.
Similar to saying "I thought this idea was going to be about...", only more vi-esquely terse. It's a form of humour you see. Like a joke.
-- zen_tom, May 23 2006

:q - laughing while smoking a cigarette.

But yeah, excellent idea!
-- DrCurry, May 23 2006







Other than that, great idea! I would love to have vi available to me anywhere.
-- Galbinus_Caeli, May 23 2006

I thought this would be a portable record player backpack or handbag stylized to look like an iPod.

For those who want to be able to scratch anytime, anywhere.
-- sninctown, May 23 2006

. especially for [Galbinus_Caeli]
-- po, May 23 2006

<tick>, <ssshhk> This is a great idea, [po]. I really like it, ke it, ke it, ke it <clunck>, <tick>.
-- methinksnot, May 23 2006

-- Dub, May 25 2006

This is baked on a Counting Crows cd~~ Across A Wire/ Live in New York City~~~ last song, cd2, right before the secret track, it skips over and over for quite a few minutes simulating the vinyl sound. Besides, if you want the sound of vinyl, then play vinyl if you're really a *purist*.
-- xandram, May 26 2006

//vinyl purists//

nothing to do with Roundheads then?
-- skinflaps, May 26 2006

I like it because it's a feature easily added to most mp3 players and I'm surprised no one's done it yet.
-- wagster, May 26 2006

The scratches and pops never sound as good as they used to, on vinyl.
-- Dub, May 27 2006

Not like when I was young, we had real scratches and pops back then.
-- wagster, May 27 2006

Aye! And Wow and Flutter! - You try tellin' the young'un's o'today, and they'll not believe ya. Nope. I say they'll not believe ya.
-- Dub, May 27 2006

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