Product: Noise Canceling
Vibramute Think Pedestal   (+6)  [vote for, against]
Silently vibrate on something springy

A spring-cushioned platform to prop your office-feet up on, so when you are office-thinking, in a vibrational sort of way, you don't jostle your monitor, shake the floor, or make a lot of distracting noise.

A V-shaped metal piece, with one side of the V laying in a wooden box. The other side of the V is for office foot placement. Inside the box, between metal and wood, is insole-style material (foam and/or gel).

These can be bolted to the ground for when you are really putting the think on.
-- mylodon, Aug 21 2008

Do you usually move your feet when you are thinking?
-- WcW, Aug 22 2008

Who can resist?
-- mylodon, Aug 22 2008

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