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Vibrating Urinal   (+10, -2)  [vote for, against]
The floor shakes for your convenience

You zip your flies right down, pull your todger out,
Splish splash, splish splash, most of it comes out,
But then to get the last drops, well, you have to shake -
And that's what makes you pout

Viiiiii-brating urinal
Viiiiii-brating urinal
Viiiiii-brating urinal
It shakes all those last drops out!
-- imaginality, Jan 03 2007

No need for these Internal_20Briefs
[imaginality, Jan 03 2007]

Safer than this The_20Electric_20Shake
[imaginality, Jan 03 2007]

(?) The 'truth' about the hokey-cokey
(Where I grew up the chorus line is 'wooaah, the hokey-cokey', in case you're counting syllables) [imaginality, Jan 03 2007]

Holy Pokey, Batman!
Like Happy Birthday, Hokey Pokey belongs to the corporations now... [imaginality, Jan 03 2007]

Shakin all over !!!! http://www.geocitie...ngs/index-songs.htm
one of the best songs ever written and performed. Click on the link on the right for brilliant lyrics - perfect for this idea. [xenzag, Jan 03 2007]

I think it would need to be switched on only at the end, otherwise I could imagine that it would probably make me pee on my trousers, and just about anything else nearby.
-- Ling, Jan 03 2007

And they say there's nothing new under the sun!
-- undata, Jan 03 2007

I hope that you really mean that the floor of the urinal area is what vibrates because otherwise you are going to have some very confused men standing in front of a shaking pee catcher while it splashes their own urine back at them. Not a nice thing to do after all that time their mamma spent training them to go in the bowl.


Most of the time.
-- NotTheSharpestSpoon, Jan 03 2007

Just the floor: I'm mad, not mean.

As for [Ling]'s suggestion, that would be easy to implement; a button on the wall or floor could make the floor start vibrating, like a hairdryer button.
-- imaginality, Jan 03 2007

daft - of course that's a compliment here. "Shakin all over'' Johnny Kidd and the Pirates +
-- xenzag, Jan 03 2007

Where Im from its called the hokey Pokey.
-- jhomrighaus, Jan 03 2007

[jhomrighaus], I didn't fancy coughing up the cash to use that version. (See link.)
-- imaginality, Jan 03 2007

You know... you could expand this idea to #2 excretements, and put an a stall. But, then again, maybe it would just make you upset to your stomach.
-- flynn, Jan 03 2007

You wouldn't want to drop any loose change on the floor[+]
-- skinflaps, Jan 03 2007

Attach to a stroboscope. Piece of piss, really.
-- Dub, Jan 03 2007

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