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Transparent CD/DVD Drive

An optical disk drive that is parallel to the front of a computer, with a transparent hinged door, or a door with a circular window in it, to view the disk face. It could come in a range of colors (or from clear to black), and could also include colored lights to match the theme of your computer case.

The case would of course have to be redesigned to accommodate these differently configured disk drives.

Alarm clock Radio CD players exist that have transparent windows to view the disk (see links).
-- BJS, Jun 10 2006

aiwa CD player http://images.amazo...MS2.01.LZZZZZZZ.jpg
[BJS, Jun 10 2006]

sony CD player http://www.alarm-cl...-CD-alarm-clock.jpg
[BJS, Jun 10 2006]

(?) Building a see-thru computer
[DrCurry, Jun 10 2006]

Heck, why stop at CD drives - let's have a see-thru hard drive and motherboard too.
-- DrCurry, Jun 10 2006

It's mostly for fashion, but also to be phisically able to see what is in your disk drive. No I don't wear my cell phone in a holister.

See-thru hard drives have already been posted at this site, and mother boards don't have covers besides the computer case, but see-thru computer cases already exist.
-- BJS, Jun 10 2006

It occurs to me that since the CD is light based, there might be a benefit to it being dark in there.

Now, I'm actually curious to know whether a CD/DVD would work while exposed to normal room light -- or would that cause interference with the device? (I'm assuming a completely transparent device, so that light could reach both sides of the disk.)
-- zigness, Jun 22 2006

Your assumption is incorrect, only the side with the face of the disk would be transparent.

It works on CD players, so it will also work on a computer, and only the face of the disk would be visible through the window.
-- BJS, Jun 22 2006

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