Product: Snow Globe
Violently Explosive Snowglobes   (+4, -3)  [vote for, against]
Leading to a worldwide ban, hopefully

The fluid is nitroglycerine. The snow is flakes of white phosphorous. The diorama is machined from magnesium and decorated with radioactive pigments, and the base is a half- pound of trinitrotoluene.

With any luck a few instances of droppage will significantly diminish the snowglobe's recent rise in popularity.
-- Alterother, Jan 01 2014

Snowballs with rocks http://www.ynetnews...0,L-4464629,00.html
[pashute, Sep 14 2014]

Just snow is enough to harass and humiliate http://www.haaretz....-jerusalem-1.493731
[pashute, Sep 14 2014]

Some people enjoy the snow in interesting ways http://www.yourmidd...-20161-photo1-0.jpg
[pashute, Sep 14 2014]

I rather suspect only the "violently explosive snowglobes" will be banned. (Hmmm....starts thinking about a type of snowglobe not yet considered here at the HB...)
-- Vernon, Jan 01 2014

Somewhere out there, there's a factory churning out snowglobes. Just think about it.
-- rcarty, Jan 01 2014

There is clearly no way in which this idea can be improved.

"... and the 2014 winner of the Golden Croissant is ....[Alterother] !"

<Thunderous applause from Borg Collective>
-- 8th of 7, Jan 01 2014

ok - I've had enough snow-globe repetition. [marked-for-deletion] echo and an appeal to Jutta to delete the whole lot.
-- xenzag, Jan 01 2014

//...and an appeal to Jutta to delete the whole lot.//

What is it with you and deleting shit? Why don't you just set up a filter to block the entire halfbakery and have done with it?
-- Loris, Jan 01 2014

Even pirates can turn a blind eye.
-- UnaBubba, Jan 01 2014

[xenzag] is probably right about the snow globes. Halfbakery production time would surely be better spent designing next winter's Advent Calendars.

"Violently Explosive Advent Calendar", for instance, is sure to be a real holiday pleaser on many household mantles. I know the kids in my family always bickered about whose turn it was to open the next little window. Just imagine how much more fun it will be knowing that, like Russian Roulette, the very next window you open could be the one that explodes!
-- jurist, Jan 02 2014

Teeny-tiny pad mines, yay !
-- 8th of 7, Jan 02 2014

[loris] //What is it with you and deleting shit?// It's called [marked-for-deletion] and I gave my reasons for making the call. It's up to the moderators, so my appeal is to that end. Deletion is healthy.
-- xenzag, Jan 02 2014

tsk, tsk...arguing about snow globes! Everyone must be so tired from the holidays. I'm living in a snow globe right now! oh yeah, Snow Globe houses!
-- xandram, Jan 02 2014

I too currently have no need for something to simulate what is happening outside my window, nor do I have need for them in warm weather, nor do I need a glut of them on my main index page. I'm of the same mind as [xenxag], just going about my agenda in a way I find more amusing.
-- Alterother, Jan 02 2014

We're allowed have agendae here? Why did no-one tell me this?
-- UnaBubba, Jan 02 2014

Because you never stopped talking long enough for anyone else to get a word in edgeways ...
-- 8th of 7, Jan 02 2014

//Violently Explosive Advent Calendar//

"Violently Explosive Advent Cadaver"
-- sninctown, Jan 02 2014

I figure if folks are having fun, meh... why not let the meme run its course. It'll be Disco soon enough.
If an idea has no actual idea to it then fishbomb the crap out of it but this'n isn't 'that' lame.

That said, I think I'll just hold off on posting my HamsterBallSnowGlobe idea... and of course the MagicEightBall globe, where the flakes float upwards to reveal prophetic messages, will now be lost to the ages.

...and the Einstein/Szilard no-moving-parts 'actual' real snow SnowGlobe, that I was magnanimously going to let somebody else post, will also now never precipitate into an extremely cool thing!

We can't not let that just not unhappen now can we?
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jan 02 2014

Here, friend, have a snowglobe to cheer you up.

Go on, give it a good shake.
-- Alterother, Jan 02 2014

If only there were some way to build a snow globe into a Prince Rupert's Drop.
-- ytk, Jan 03 2014

//Violently Explosive Advent Calendar//

Violin explosion, it's not that funny.

Bagpipes explosion, now that would be funny...

<imagines being there, surrounded by the whistling of incoming haggises....working on that UXB(agpipe), was is the green thread or the red thread to cut? Damn this Tartans Handbook...(sweat of forehead)>
-- not_morrison_rm, Jan 03 2014

//It's called {marked-for-deletion} and I gave my reasons for making the call. It's up to the moderators, so my appeal is to that end.//

I'm not commenting on the marked-for-deletion. (Although my understanding is that you shouldn't use a functional one without a reason like you just did in your reply; I've modified it in the quote).

But you're going beyond that when you idly petition jutta to get the whole class of something deleted. This isn't the first time.
What about other recently posted snow-globe ideas which might have some independent merit?
What about pre-existing snow-globe ideas?
What about the idea which spawned the trend? What about tangentially related ideas?
-- Loris, Jan 03 2014

And some of the ideas now being suggested here seem really good, and entirely worthy of their own separate idea postings.
-- Loris, Jan 03 2014

How about Snowglobe Bagpipes? The bag is made of clear PVC, the pipes are all made of clear plexiglass. The bag is filled with little tiny scraps of tartan fabric. There is a clear gauze over the ends of the stocks to stop the scraps escaping.

Actually this would force the piper to stop playing every so often to clear the blockage, which would be terrible. The gauze should be in the form of a moving strip which will drop the scraps once it moves past the entrances to the stocks.

The piper should wear a clear PVC kilt, vest & doublet to complete the ensemble. Tartan knickers should complement the scraps. The sporran can be made from clear PVC, sealed, filled with water and have more scraps floating in it.
-- pocmloc, Jan 03 2014

If a double-lined clear PVC bag were used, with the fluid and substrate sealed between the two layers, normal squeezing of the bag would agitate the substrate while allowing for unblocked air flow to the pipes.
-- Alterother, Jan 03 2014

Indeed, the Scots seem to be having that very problem...
-- Alterother, Sep 12 2014

It would all be okay if you stick to conventional explosives - the dirty bomb aspect should be reined rads needed.
-- normzone, Sep 12 2014

i propose that xenzag be [marked-as-moderator] or [marked-as-snowglobe] a new rule should be created so that we are permitted by Halfbakery Law to flag anyone that likes to read and type like the thought, grammar, punctuation or spelling police.

I would also propose that once flagged in this manner the half baker is obligated by Halfbakery Law to test a Violently Explosive Snowglobe

I would like a snowglobe toaster filled with molten butter that automatically butters the toast once toasting is completed.
-- vfrackis, Sep 12 2014

Being a dad, working on my novel, doing a little landscaping. I'm just popping in for a visit, but I'll probably be back on a regular basis when the snow flies and I'm spending more time indoors.

Nice to know that I'm missed, or at least that, like tinnitus, you don't miss it when it's gone but you definitely notice the absence.
-- Alterother, Sep 12 2014

With any luck, yes. You wouldn't want me to get bored, would you?
-- Alterother, Sep 14 2014

A very recent experiment in the MaxCo. laboratories demonstrates that traditional glass snow-globes are quite highly explosive when microwaved.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 14 2014

BTW, [bigs], try ear accupuncture. Seriously. It works for a few weeks at least.
-- Alterother, Sep 15 2014

tinnitus... Melatonin worked perfectly for me. Can't get it over the counter like the US though.
-- bs0u0155, Sep 15 2014

//ear accupuncture//

Earcupuncture. And ouch.
-- ytk, Sep 15 2014

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