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Halfbakery: Idea List
Virtual "Random" category   (+31, -5)  [vote for, against]
Show some random ideas up front

One of the very few issues anyone could have with the HB is the fact that, although there are a great many of ideas in the vault here, generally the only ones that get actively discussed are the most recent ones. While a certain amount of that is expected, since the frequenters will annotate until there isn't much else to say... there are a great number of ideas that many new visitors (and even some longstanders) have never seen, because they are buried under the new material.

Yes, people are free to explore. And yes, there is a random function in the idea controls which pulls out some oldies now and then. But I'd like to suggest the addition of a Random 'category' on the Recent 3 page. A virtual category which will list 3 ideas pulled entirely at random from the vault.

Perhaps they could be checked against the other category 3's to make sure they aren't duplicates.
-- waugsqueke, Feb 28 2002

Vagina Jam
Do we really want to see this again? [pottedstu, Mar 05 2002]

I like it. I try to churn up old ideas every once in a while. Sometimes, though, everything that can be said, has been. So I'll vote but that doesn't bubble the idea to the Recent list. And I'd hate to annotate just for the sake of churn.
-- phoenix, Feb 28 2002

I like this idea, too. The only quibble I'd have is that it might upset the beautiful asymmetry of displaying eleven categories.
-- beauxeault, Feb 28 2002

Golden Oldie of the Day!
-- po, Feb 28 2002

How about all ideas scroll across the display, dragging their [scone / crustbones] along?
-- reensure, Feb 28 2002

-- bristolz, Feb 28 2002

Nice idea. Everything 2 has a random category on its front page with 10 random entries. It also appears to generate and store the list at regular intervals (something like a new list every minute), to avoid the overheads of 10 random look-ups per page hit.
-- pottedstu, Mar 01 2002

The idea is to get them up front where new visitors would see them on the initial screen, which neither the "Random" function nor a "sort by random" would accomplish.
-- waugsqueke, Mar 04 2002

wE could have an 'exclude list' . . .
-- neelandan, Mar 04 2002

Instead have a random user day, where all of someone's ideas are put at the top of the pile... eg. on their 1/2-bakery birthday. Uh oh, me soon. Forget that.
-- lubbit, Mar 05 2002

//then shirley getting jutta//

Thinking about somebody, Peter?
-- Pseudonym #3, Mar 30 2002

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