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«Et voilà!»

A cloche is that shiny metal upturned bowl-with-a-handle thing, beneath which French-accented waiters (inhabiting only the fanciest of restaurants) carry their enplated meals to the table. Once so delivered in-front of a valued guest, the cloche is lifted with a well timed "Voilà!"-accompanied flourish, revealing the delights beneath. Steam wafts and the dinee and their dinner experience the sensual thrill of mutual introduction.

This idea is to recreate that experience at home, by getting a regular cloche, and installing some electronics that, upon liftage, play one from a sequence of hi-fidelity recordings of only the very Frenchest of waiters saying one from a selection of appropriate phrases such as "Et voilà!", "Cordon Bleu!" and "Bonne appétit!"
-- zen_tom, Sep 17 2020

"Quelle dommage!"
-- hippo, Sep 17 2020

You should not have to lift it yourself! Needs an auto-lifting mechanism at the very least.
-- pocmloc, Sep 17 2020

Could there not also be a rubber rat that jumps out and lands on someone's lap?
-- xenzag, Sep 17 2020

As the cloche is lifted (or "as the cloche levitates") it should also generate clouds of CO2 vapour and have interior lights to provide moody lighting of the food
-- hippo, Sep 17 2020

And it could play applause, shreiks of delight, and phrases of admiration and praise in outrageously bad accents.
-- pocmloc, Sep 17 2020

... or the theme from Fawlty Towers ?
-- 8th of 7, Sep 17 2020

At least the rat was fresh...
-- 8th of 7, Sep 17 2020

I was imagining something a little edgier, like the musical score from "A Clockwork Orange".
-- blissmiss, Sep 17 2020

Beethoven is edgy now ? Who knew, huh ?

<Adds a snifter of Ketracel White to glass of Milk Plus/>
-- 8th of 7, Sep 17 2020

In context, dummy.
-- blissmiss, Sep 18 2020

Quelle surprise!
-- xaviergisz, Sep 18 2020

//the very Frenchest of waiters saying one from a selection of appropriate phrases such as "Et voilà!", "Cordon Bleu!" and "Bonne appétit!"//

This sort of presentation of food is a bit hackneyed and unoriginal really so, assuming that your cloche is in the form of a bowed, stringed instrument, should this idea not be renamed as "Viola Voilà Cloche Cliché"?
-- hippo, Sep 18 2020

We did think of "Viola Cloche " as a bell attached to a bowed stringed instrument ...
-- 8th of 7, Sep 18 2020

Possibly [hippo], to celebrate, I've commissioned a painting of one such arrangement, deciding at the last minute to request an inclusion of my favourite flowers - the artist just emailed back with an invoice for one "Gladiola Viola Voilà Cloche Cliché Giclée".

[8th] A cloche on the end of a bow would not look dissimilar to one of those long-poled candle snuffers from olden times.
-- zen_tom, Sep 18 2020

I propose preserving your painting in sugar as a piece of witty conceptual art, making a comment about the essential transience of experience. But what sort of curtain could you use to shield your eyes from such an abhorrent object? Maybe a "Vile Gladiola Viola Voilà Cloche Cliché Glacé Giclée Veil"
-- hippo, Sep 18 2020

I can't go any further, I think you got checkmate. This despite my going around the houses, having tried (and failed) to develop things out of; gammon hamon (a pattern found only in the most artisanal of formed hams - revealing the boundary between lean and less-lean cuts of meat), the Fruity Djabouti Flute - a sort of extravagantly citrus flavoured East-African musical instrument, and a Jelly Brian Ferry Mould, allowing people to cast 1/6 of Roxy Music in gelatin of their preferred flavour, none of which even come close to an incorporatable word-pair.
-- zen_tom, Sep 18 2020

I empathise with your improbable impasse...
-- hippo, Sep 18 2020

I was going for a cloche of tight 'uns, but couldn't get them out of the pan.
-- pertinax, Sep 19 2020

//Maybe a "Vile Gladiola Viola Voilà Cloche Cliché Glacé Giclée Veil"// - and the low-altitude bit of landscape in which the structure is where this veiled artwork is exhibited is called the "Vile Gladiola Viola Voilà Cloche Cliché Glacé Giclée Veil Villa Valley". It's next to the artisinal Indian food shop run by the ex-TV chef who's also owner of Norwich FC: "Delia's Delhi Deli"...
-- hippo, Sep 30 2020

Here in the US the waiters deftly remove the protective clear plastic wrap clinging to the steaming culinary delight, and utter "Homme affamé" (or perhaps "Swa-so").
-- whatrock, Sep 30 2020

Perhaps [pertinax] though an enormous cloche, for use in a shared occupancy, mythical giant's home would work - a simple Cloche of The Titans is doable.

[hippo] congratulations, I thought I'd take this in a different direction and mention some research I've been doing on a peculiar group of hybrid boat/musical instrument builders resident in North East Africa who operated an early form of musical greeting service (not unlike a kissogram, but using river-going musical instruments) and how on one occasion they were commissioned to greet and give cheer to a close-nit community of horologists who'd marooned themselves in a bid to achieve a more aesthetic lifestyle. I'd give you more details, but I can't find my Nile Gondola Cello Hello Clock Clique Castaway Hooray File.

Hey [whatrock] I've not come across either of those before - am I right in thinking "Homme affamé" translates roughly to "hungry man"? I've no idea what swa-so translates to however.
-- zen_tom, Sep 30 2020

<applause> - I enjoyed the build-up as much as the pay-off
-- hippo, Sep 30 2020

Swa-so: I imagine a Frenchman trying to say Swanson, the TV dinner company.

[+] bun for your idea! Please pardon my poor humor.
-- whatrock, Sep 30 2020

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