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Volume Boost Button   (+2)  [vote for, against]
for those 'moments'

Take for instance, "Crazy Train":
Turn your volume to about 75%, then at around 19.5 seconds into the song, give it full volume.

Basically, that's what this button would do, without having to turn any volume dials. At the touch of a button, increase the volume by 25%. Would fit nicely next to the Dynamic Bass Boost button.

You're just a button press away from that 'cool song goosebump' feeling. :)
-- ghillie, Dec 11 2004

Is the button marked "Volume Up" ?
-- contracts, Dec 11 2004

Yeah, of course you could press the Volume button 5+ times to get the same effect, but it wouldn't be as sudden, or as easy. :)
-- ghillie, Dec 11 2004

You mean like on the pay phones?
-- LoriZ, Dec 11 2004

Actually, yes. That's a good illustration ;)
-- ghillie, Dec 11 2004

My car stereo already HAS a Celine Dion button. Although the factory goofed and labeled it "Mute". I guess the button wasn't big enough for all the acts to which it applies.
-- gardnertoo, Dec 15 2004

My car stereo has an attenuator button. Attenuates the signal by 20db (100 times). So, you could always listen to it attenuated, then, when your song came on, push it to turn it off :) I guess 4 times as load is a little much if you're already listenning to it at a fairly loud level. :)

And remember, 10 times the power to the speakers means double the percieved volume.
-- nomel, Dec 15 2004

I used to have a button called "loudness" which increased the base and mid levels of the tone.

Oh, and my car stereo had one, too.
-- contracts, Dec 15 2004

They were going to make it a Kill Celine Dion button, but the CD part of KCD got people confused, so they called it a mute button for: Music Under Title: Enya, or Make Ugly Timberlake End.
-- not_only_but_also, Dec 15 2004

mine goes up to eleven.
-- benfrost, Dec 15 2004

Another button that turns it down 25% again would be useful.
-- harderthanjesus, Dec 15 2004

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