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try to make the vote represent the will of the people

I propose a voting system that allows any number of wishes to be input: 'A would be best, but if he can't make it, D is my next choice' - 'B only if she doesn't go into coalition with E' - ' I oppose F only if she would come out second' etc. People could formulate their wishes using a framework of logical expressions in advance of the actual elections - parties and political groups could offer standardized packages of such expressions or modules relating to any specific issue. The complete package could be checked against inconsistencies by a small compiler running on your dektop computer or various public machines. On voting day, you would drop off the memory card with your wishes at your local voting point. The Election would then consist of an algorithm trying to maximise conformity of the outcome with the will (and unwill) of the people.

This would help candidates and parties that are currently shunned because potential voters belive their vote to be 'lost' on them, and would ameliorate situations in which an option is chosen that a majority is fervently for and a minority is very much against while a third option that everyone 'sort of likes' gets opted out.
-- loonquawl, Sep 29 2009

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