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Whenever I write a lengthy (and/or tedious) anno, I invariably spot typos or bad layout once I see it on the page. For some reason, it is hard to spot these when actually writing the anno in the little box.

Partly it is due to the need to use things like "
" for reliable line- breaks, but a lot of it (I think) is because the annotation box is narrow. Or maybe it's just because I'm sloppy.

If many people find themselves going back to edit their annos, can I suggest a wider box in which to write the anno, and a format which looks more like that which ultimately appears on screen? Or is it just me?
-- Basepair, Jul 06 2005

IEspell.com http://www.iespell.com/
Browser-based tool that checks spelling in web-based text entry windows. [reensure, Jul 06 2005]

How it looks to me in IE http://bz.pair.com/fun/hb_textBox.gif
Which seems fine. [bristolz, Jul 07 2005]

How it looks to me in Firefox http://bz.pair.com/..._textBoxFirefox.gif
Which is a bit narrower, I guess, and in a monospaced face. [bristolz, Jul 07 2005]

Aaargh! There ya go. I meant to write "<b r>" in my posting as an example, but of course without the space it appeared as a line-break on the page.
-- Basepair, Jul 06 2005

You could create your own CSS template and run the bakery through that.

I've noticed that Firefox displays a much narrower box than does IE. Not sure why that would be. Possibly because Firefox uses monospaced text in textboxes? That shouldn't affect the width.
-- waugsqueke, Jul 06 2005

// ... is it just me? // No. I've only accessed this site on perhaps a half dozen different machines, so I really don't know how it renders beyond your average resolution. Aside, I'll put a link to IEspell.com as a community service. (Such a neat tool, and so useful in this type of posting).
-- reensure, Jul 06 2005

Good idea, poor category choice. Bun regardless.
-- Texticle, Jul 07 2005

Ooops. Category corrected. I hadn't appreciated that it could be a browser issue (I'm on Safari, and annotations appear in the same proportional-spaced font as the rest of the page, but in a box about 2 inches wide.

Spell-checkers are good, but most of my errors tend to be errors of layout, failure to close brackets (perhaps prompted by the short lines and hence fragmentation of the text), and mis-use of the <b r> command etc. But as I said, maybe it's just me.

[Waugs]//You could create your own CSS template and run the bakery through that//
Errrr, no I couldn't.
-- Basepair, Jul 07 2005

I thought a wysiwyg was a head covering for the feeble and meek.
-- bungston, Jul 07 2005

Ah no. That's an invisiwig.
-- Basepair, Jul 07 2005

It looks the right to me and even on my Pocket PC.
-- bristolz, Jul 07 2005

I suspect that only proves Basepair's point.
-- DrCurry, Jul 07 2005

Well, to be fair, the Pocket PC or lr version is an utterly different layout and optimized for small screens so, no, it doesn't really support the contention.
-- bristolz, Jul 07 2005

From Bristolz's images, I guess it is a browser-specific problem. Mine (which I would show you if I knew how) gives an even narrower box.
What causes me more problems (besides the box size) is the need to use <b r> for linefeeds, and the fact that extra spaces seem to be introduced (especially where I hyphenate words). Anyway, no major problem.
-- Basepair, Jul 07 2005

All said, [jutta] has done a marvelous job of beating HTML into submission enough so that the experience on most platforms and browsers is a very good one even though she is a self-professed HTML novice. I seriously doubt I could do it.
-- bristolz, Jul 07 2005

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